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Chao. 30. An Expefstion upon the Rook of J 0 a. Vert, 20. a83 bringup flefh uponyou, andcover yon with skin, &c. So I prophe- tiedas 1was commanded, and as Iprophccied there was a noife,and beholda'hafting, and the bones came together, bone to his bone, and when Ibeheld lo the fanem.c and the l Jh came up,a them and the skin covered them above, &c, So Iprophecied as be command: d mr, and thebreath came into them, and they lived gad flood up upon tkeirfeete an exceeding Army. Bow elily can God com-. mand a refurrec ion from afli âion, who can command it from the grave t And therefore he by a refurreetion from the grave, reprefented to Ee.ekkiel,the'refurrecch on of his people Ifra?l from their afflitStlon. Both or all things are aliloe eafìe to oirn , to ¡ nothing is hard. The natural!, civil!, and fpirituall death, are in the handofthe living, the ever- living God. Herewe have feene lobs oflie ions, which look't like death ; in the next verle lob fpeakes ofanafllid ion more grievous then death, and that was, God teemed to turne a deafe care upon= him. Verf. 20. I cry unto thee, and thoudaft not heare me c I'land up, and thon regardefi me not. Icry : that is, I pray, and I pray earneftly, I even (lout in prayer; I pray wich utmoft intention, fervency, yea vehemency of (pint; to cry is more then barely topray; every godly man prayed], who doth but humbly fincerely and feelingly manifeft his defires untoGod in faith through Jefus Christ. But he that crves doth more then manifeft his defines, he defines and would not be delayed,will not be denied. The importance ofthis word, path been opened before ( Chap. 6. 18. Chap. 27. 9,) and therefore! (hall not further infift upon it here. When 76b was become like dust and alines, when he was call into the mire, what then ? ( faith he) Icry unto thee. Hence obferve; There is noflare fo low, but a godly man may have afreedoms with God in prayer. Though a poore foulebe in themire, though he be but du&" and allies, vet he lath acceffe to the throne ofGrace. ?oval, cri- ed naco God out ofthe bellyofhell,( Chap. 2. 2.) That is, (as'tis fayd, v. t. ) ont ofthefifties belly, which was to yonztb as a hell graveor ,