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az Chap. 3o. An Expofition upon the Booke of Jo a. Verf.t. While 7b did fwim in the full ftreames ofriches and honour, all refpeâed him, but no fooner were the waters fallen, and his worldly greatneffe ebb'd or abatcd,but all forts ofmen,efpecially the wont of men abated their refpec`ts to him. No fooner was he affli tedt, but flighted and derided. 74, was as perfeet, and upright, hefearedGad, andeft hereed evill as much as ever, his in- ward flare changed not, only his outward d d, he was not fo rich and pompous as before, he made not fo faire a fhew in the firth as before, that beautywas darkened, ftaíned, and gone, and then they lawno forme, no comlineffe in him, chat they (hould define him. They who judge according to appearance, cannot judge righteous judgement, either concerning things or perfons, How fuddainly did Shimei take an advantage, to revile and raile upon David, when he faw him in a troubled flare. David was as gra- cious a man asbefore, he was as much after Gods heart as before, but becaufe he was in diftrrffe, how doch the tongue of Shimei rage and rant againft him I 'Tis the happineffe and comfort of blievers;that God alters not his apprehenfions ofthem,upon a- ny outward alterations which befall them:let their eltate vary ten times a day, as to worldly things, yet the judgement of Godva- rieth not concerning (hem ; They are as muchhonoured and lo- ved ofGod upon a dunghill, as upon a throne. And that men alter theit opinion ofus upon thele alterations, is argument e- nough that they are but men , that are blinde,and ignorant, than they judgby appearance,& not in righteoufnefs;we[horrid walke byfaith, andnot by fight, fomtimes towards others, as well as our !elves. And whenwe judge of men, we fhould not looke at what they full-r, but at what they are, ellewe may Toone paffe a wrong (entente upon them. What the Apoft!e faith to another purpofe, is true ofthis (z Cor. 4. 18.) Lake not at the things that are frene, but at the thingr that are not (eerie ; Ifyou looke at the things which are fettle, you will fay fuchaman is happy and good, becaufe he enjoyeth good, and pro!pers; and you will conclude filch a man is miferable, and flarke nought, becaufe poore, and laid low in the world: Therefore learne to judge of men, by the things that are not Teen,' in their nature, but in their fruits andeffects,, by their grace, and fpi-icuall glory, by their faith, and righteoufneffe, by their patience, and meekneffe, by their holineffe, and uprightneffe. Judge others by their beft part,