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Chap. 3o. An Pxpofition upon the Books of J o B. Verf. a. 21 fad is it when Each as a goodman would difdaine to fet with the dogs ofhis flock, are fet in the higheft imployments and offices among, yea over men. The Prophet Ifaiah (peaks of Shep beards, tnyfticall, fpirituall Shepheards, that were not fit to keep: dogs ; And Chef: he compares todogs (Ifa. 56. a o, a t. ) Hie watchmen are blind, they are all ignorant , they are all dumb: dogs, they cannot barke, fleeping, lying.downe, loving toflamber, yea they are greedy dogs, which cannever have enough ;and they are Shepheards that cannot underftand. And when men (hewed themfelves thus brutifh, no marvaile,if the Prophet cryed (y 9.) Allye beafts ofthe field come to devoure, yea all ye beaffs in the forrefl. Some men are fet to rut: men, who keep: no rules; and fome men are fet to teach men, who cannot teach themfelves ; many take upon them toguide others toheaven, who are !been. felves going tohell ; this is a lamentation, and fhould be for a lamentation. Yet fuch are fometimes offended that they get not great Imployments, whole wickedneffe unfits them for any Ina ployment s A wife man would not fet them over his dogs, WhenPharaoh had heard of 7ofephs brethren, he Paid to him ( Gen. 47.6. ) ifthou knoweft any men o{'aîlivit_yamorg1t them, thenmake them rulers over myCattel ; `Pharaoh would not have men rulehis Cattel, unleffe they were men of. a&ivity. ; that is., menboth difcreete and induftrious. He would not trua droanes nor fluggs with looking tohis (beep or Oxen ; ho v then (hould we look: outmen ofparts andhonetty for Civil offices over the outward man, and howmuchmore for fpirituall offices over the foules ofmen ? Laftly . Note ; Though no man is to be upbraided meerly for his poverty, yet' they that are poor: andwicked too, may jufly be upbraided' with it. The Apoftle having fayd (r 'Pet. 2. 77. )' Honour all men, prefently adds, Love the brotherhood, Feare god ,Honeur the King. As there is a fpeciall love due to the brethren; that is, to Saints, or godly men, and a peculiar honour due to Magi - ftrates, or mightymen ; fo there is a common honour due to all men, whichyet they forfeit: who ac4 and walk below the du- sir.