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Ífh Chap.. 3o. An Éxpofition upon the Book of J o a. Verf, 2. wifdome is better then f rength fpirituall wifdome is better then weapons of warre, the underfianding of a man will doe more then his hands can. Whereto can the ftrengthof young mens hands profit us, in whomold age is perifhed, or in whom nothing of the old mans wifdome and vertue is tobe found ? Further As thefe words may be applyed to old men ; PVí tretomight thetreagth of their hands profit me , is whom old age was perifhed ? Note firft ; Some old men havenothing of old age in them, but the Infsr mities of it. They have no wifdome nor underftanding, they are neither grave nor prudent ; Thefe beauties ofold age are faded and ex. tint in them. (Per. 49. 7. ) Concerning :Edom thus faith the Lord ofHefts, Is wifdome no more in Teman ? id Councell perifhed from theprudent ? If a man be prudent, how can Councell be perifhed from him ? The meaning is, they who fhould be pru- dent in regard of their age, from them wifdome is perifhed. This is dtfcernable in many at this day, Whe when (as the Apo- ftle fpeakes, Heb. 5. 12. ) for the time theyought o be teachers; have need that one teach themagainwhich be the fill principles of the Oracles of Cgod, and are become fuck eu leave. need of mike ( filchare bab.$) and not o' fbrang rueate, which belongethto than that are offull age. That's a dreadful! threatning ( Ifa. 29 14.) The wifdouìe of their wife menJba! peril and the uneler,'banding of their prudent men 'hall bebid : As all our outward good thing, riches andhonours are in the power of God, (he can take away the ftrength ofthe body, and tarneit into weakneffe) fo all the inward Endowments ofwifdome and prudence, are in the hand ofGod, and ifhe withdraw they quiekly perifh ; thus,wifdome often perifheth from the prudent, and from the ancient, in a ju- diciary way, or in judgement either to themfelves or others. Now as the wifdome of Come ancient men is taken away by the Oft Judgement ofGod, fo others of them never attaine towif- dome through their own negle& and loath. Againe, Confider lob's fcope, he lays it as a blot upon them, that their oldage was peri/hed. Hence