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Chap. 3o. .4n Fxpoftticn upen the Book! of J o ts. Verf.3o It is farre better to dye yourg, then not to live when we are old, or not tohave old age live in us when we are old. Indeed their old age Both not live in them ( but as the Text faith 'ticpe. rifted) nor doe they live in old age, who weare not the orna- ments ofold age. The widdow which lives in pleafure is dead ( that's the Apoftles cenfure of her) while the liveth; Much more may. we fay ofold men who live in folly and vanity, they are dead while they live. And he that is dead while he liveth, O how dead will he be whenhe dyeth ! He will then benot on- ly twice dead (as the Apoftle rude fpeakes of Apoftates from a lifeof holy profit-lion and converfation even while they live ) but thrice dead, being utterly pulled up by the rootes by death. Vert. 3. For want andfamine they were folitary. As in the former verfe fob (hewed thevileneffe and bafeneffe of that rabicwhich derided him, by their loath and ufelefneffe; fo here he fhewes it further, by their poverty and beggarlineffe. And hedoth this only as making report what fort of men they were, not as laying their poverty ( confidered íh it felfe) as a reproach upon them ; no man is ro be upbraided with his want, unlefs be bath brought it upon himfelfe by the abundance of his dominer erant Idleneffe and ill living. Such were thefe wretches, whom 7e6 u 1' d,o done defcribes folitary for want and famine, no man looking after in qui them, or regarding them. They whohave any thingofgood in dein egeffare et them, any thingof God, or but any thing of man ( upon the fame qu fquam matter) in them, though they are in want and ready to peril a eor ferret.Ecz: with hunger, yet force or other will look after them, and pity them; how wicked and ungodly then, how deftirute of all goodneffe thenwere thefe poore foules, whom no man looked after ? For gant and famine they were folitary. rkfrilam Theword rendred want, lignifies a defe$ ofall outward eon. denorat rerum veniencies,theirs was not only want, but extreame rvant,or want oternium. Druf: of neceffaries. Which is fully expreff in the next wo-d, want andfamixe, or want even to famine and ûarving. Theword ren- dred