Caryl - Houston-Packer Collection BS1415 .C37 v9

A K EXPOSITION W I T H Praaicall Observations CONTINUED UPON The Thirtieth and Thirty firm Chapters of the Booke of JOB: BEING TheSubfhance of Thirty-feven Lec`t'ures, deliveredat A1agnus neare the Bridge, LONDON. By JOSEPH CAR Y y, P aBouY of the Congregation there. Rev: 22. II. He that is righteous , let him be righteou f ill : andhe that is holy, let hint be holy LONDON; Printed by M. Simmons for Elifba Wallis at hisfhop at the ligne of the ,oldems Hor/e/ oft in the Old 7390. t F 5 9.