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Chap. 3o. in Expofition upon the Book of J o a. Verf. 7. 63 venger of fin , will then powre vengeance upon finners to the utmoft. From theconfederation ofall thefe fad iffues offin layd toge- ther, take this Corolary. Sin is wirydeceitful. As all fin is againft the truth of God, fo it kitehath no truth at all in it. Sinfull man breakes all the Commandements of God, and fin breakes all its promifes wi h man. The Apoftle exhorts us ( Fhb. 3. 13. ) To exhort one ano- ther daily, whale it id called today,lefl any rfru be hardned through the decettfulier offin. Now, fin hardeneth us, when we dare ven- tureupon the committing ofit ; and what makes us thusdaring and foote- hnrey to run fuck an adventure ? Surely the hopes of fome good +xe fhali pet by doing it , or at leaf} an affurance of impurity or freedome from evill, though we doe it. For both thcfe fin undertakes, andwill give us its word, if we will take it ; and are there not enowwho will and doe take it every day ? Sinbath more credit avith themil f of men then god himfelfe hat?" ; Fie promifeth, and few beleeve him ; Sin promifeth,and there are oily that fewwho beleeve it not : But fin which is fo large and free in promifing, is not only narrow and fJcw in performing, but utterly denyes performance ; or its performances run quite croffe to its promifes. Sin promifeth gold and payes with droffe, it promifeth bread and payes with Rones, it promifeth honour and payes with difgrace, tt promifeth a paradife and payeth with a wildernes, it promifeth liberty and payeth with bondage ; in a word, it promifeth us all manner of content, and payes us with utter difappointrnent and dffstisfnion: Ifany man barb a mind to be fed with rnallows,and lodg'd in cave ,and tornwith bullies, and flungwith nettles, and fcortcht with everlafiing hurnings, let him harken to the voyce, beleeve the promifes, and take the word offin. Thus we have in thefe words a defcription ofthe Rate or con- dition of thofe perlons, who defpifed lob ; A further defcripti- tion oftheir perlons and pedigree, as alto of their a@iota: fol- lowetb. JOB 30.