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III, I, 68 Chap. 3o. in Expofttion upon the -Book! of J o fors were men ofhonour and power, beyond their contempora- ries. Though all men are made of one blood materially, yet theyare made of blood differing Circumffar,rialy. In common fpeech be is a bare man, that is borne ofmeane parents. Secondly, Thereare bare men in ScripLure language, who are fuch in their conditions. Some are high and great in birth, place, power, and fway in the world, who yet mutt be numbred among bate men. In the bookof Daniel, That great King An_ tiocbut is called a vile perfon ; and David ( 'P¡al. s 5.4. ) giving the charaeter ofa SonofSion, faith he is one in whole eyes a vile perfon is abhorred. The vile perfon there intended is not one poore and low in the world, a man that beares not a breadth, nor carries a Grandure in the eyes of men ; but the vile perfon there is the wicked and unrighteous man. Hence note ; Wickednefe and unworthy atlions rendermen vile andbafe in the fight ofGod and allgood men. iodlinesand bolines put a beauty upon men (Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one ofthem) though they are ve- ry low and unbeautifull to the eye. It is laid of the faithful! El- ders among the jewes, that rhorew faith they obtained a good rt- port, Heb. i r. i, ) The holy actions of their faith made then famous. But wickednefT obfcures the name and debafeth the . blood and fpirirs ofmen: No man hath reason to boaft of his great titles, power, or high place in the world, as if honour lay in them ; True honour, is honetty, juftice,gracc,righteoufneffe; When there Thine in the lives and actions of any, they are ho- nourable indeed (Ifa. 42. z.) Since th.0 waft precious inmy fight ( none but the Godly are fo in the tight ofGod) thou be been honourable. Suppofe the world bath not called or accoun- ted thee fo, yet thou haft been fo inmy account. Againe, Thefemen who acted fo bafely towards 74, were the childrenof bare men. Whence obferve; The Imageof`Parents dotb ufuallyappeare and is Inftampt upon their Children. As every chide is his father tnoltiplyed fo molt children are their