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Chap. 3o. An Expaficlon opan the Book of Jó a. Verf. 9 75 further evidence how vile a thing it is tomake j:ering fongr, of men, efpecially tomake fuch fohgs ofmen in rmfery ; in which cafe it is not only a great Injury, but the greatc(t inhumanity. Againe, We mayConfider thee longs not only as an abufe put upon lob, of whom they were mide, but as the recreation and merriment ofchofe that made them: for why or when doe men ufually ling ? The Apoftle lame; will cell us ( Chap:5. t 3. ) Is any merry, let himfi';g''Pfalmes ? Men fir ,g Pfalmes or tongs, either when they are merry, or would make themfelves merry; then it fnilowes, that thefe men did much pleafechemfelves with ?obi afidion, who thus fpeakes of them, Iam their Song. Hence note `Ungodly men rejoyce in and at the afflifliens ofothers, efpeci- ally at the afjliElionsof thegodly. ' The Mi./lines having taken Sampfon, bound him and put out his eyes, then called him, when their heart; were merry, to make them (port (7udg. r 6.25.)-And the Text faith, that he made them fport. Surely Santfon, being both a holy man, a.:d an rfided prifoner, had as little minde, as he had caufe or reafon to make, the `Pbi1flines fport. When therre: ore'cis laid, he made them fpare, we rnuit underftand it pa(lively, that he was the fubjed of their fport, not the Aäor of it ; They pleaed chemfelves to fee the man grope out his way,or fumble init; every one had a jeft or a gout to bellowuponhim; They little thought how quickly he would change the fcene,and turn their Comedy into a doleful Tragedy, their laughter into deadly groanes and lamentable otst-cryes. But as God (hewed his juflice, fo they their cruelty and their (corne; They muff needs make (port with their captive, a man in mifery. Thus David delctibes the behaviour of his enemies in his felfe- humiliaion, ( Pfal. 69. JO, 11, rz: ) When Iwept andchafined my feule withfafling, this was to my reproach; I made fackclçath alto my garmcnr,and I became a provers to them; They that fit in the gate fpeake agairfl me , I am the fang of the drunkard; As if he had faid,my mournitìgs are their rejoy- cings : and my teares their wine.And as they jeerd him in his vo- luntary or felfe- humiliations, fo when the hand ofGod humbled him, ( Pfal. 35. 15. ) In mine adverfity they rejayced, andgathe- redchemfelves together, yea the ab»¿as (for the opening of which L a word,