Davenant - Houston-Packer Collection BT810 .D38 1641

withmens defiruc7ion . gels or men, alwayes to carry a ju {1 refped unto their future corruption and rebellion. Calvine ( howfoever ranked by this Au- thous) was plainly of this judgement : his words will (hew it; Y Ctim depr edeflinatione YDeetexn: firmo habetur, inde exordiendum effe conJlan_ provid.pag° terfmperdocui, atque hodie doceo, jurein morte 710. relinqui omnes reprobos , qui in ADAMOmor- tuifont ac damnatì;jureperire, qui 1 font iraefilia : ità nemini caurm effe cur de nimio Dei rigore queratu-r, quando reatum infeomnes inclufuna gefant. And left that old cavill fhould be revived, That Godappointed the reprobate unto their damnation before he confidered them as lying dead in firme and corruption, Calvine doth in this älfo clear himfelf,and fubfcribeth to the opinion ofS. Augufline ; Auguflinum ridet hius] z ej úEquefimiles, hocefl, pios omnes qui Deum 724 imaginantur,pofiquam univerfalem generis bu- mani ruinam in perforra Adapr,efciverat, alios ad vitam alias ad interim') deflisage. We leave therefore thófe to wrangle amongff themfelves, who think that God may with- out crofing hisdeclared will , for his mere pleafure either annihilatean innocent manor torment him in hell. I períwade my felf that neither the one nor the other can fland well with the goodneffe of God, as in the word it is made known unto men. For the queflion it felf, Which isbetter Cz for 99 i