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114 Supralapfi;rians charge God to fay that God is the author offnne, and to fay he h not God. Upon there and the like confiderations I may well con- elude, That the opinionwhich chargeth the holy Godwith the fumes ofmen, is neither good nor true. But this opinion Both fo. For albeit the writers that have defended it (Pifcator and a few more ofthe blunter fort excepted) havenever faid directlyAnd in terminis, That God is the caufeof finite; yet have they delivered thofe things fromwhich it muff needs fol- low by necef ary confequence, that he is fo. For they (D) fay, I That as the decree of Reprobation is abfolute, fo it is inevitable : Thofe poore fouls which lie under it, muff ofne- h Mario,. ceílitie he damned. h It is (faith Marlorate) afirm and ¡table Camas. in truth, That the man. WhomGod in his eternal counfel bath re- 3o1.i 5v.. jeéted, tho&gh he do all thegood works of theSaints , cannot Stat ibcur o tbl be awed. tena fen- p Tha without (E) finne this decree ofReprobation can- tentia, Quë- cunque Deus not be juftly executed. 1 God (faith Pifcator) did ere-atemen ante condi-. for this ve,y purpofe , that they might indeedfall : for other* cum orbetü wife he could not have atteined thofe his principal' ends, He b 1 it,vum meaneth the manifeffation of his "uftice in the damnati- perire; quem on of Reprobates , and of his mercie in the falvation of verb twee- the 'Elect. Maccovius allo faith the fame: k IfPanne had poaef non ,not. been, the marifeftation of jufüce and mercie (which is, etti'e mania i, as much to fay , as the damnationof Reprobates) hadnever et-fi om lanftoriim been. , opera fece- 3 That therefore God decreed that Reprobates fhould un- tfq; ad- avoidably (F) finne, nretra- Y O ,and finne untodeath, that his eternal' ftabilis eft ordinance might be executed and they damned : l we grant fententia. (faithZanchius) that reprobates are held fo fall under Gods i Pi¡cat. 1. almighty decree, that they cannot butfnne andperiJb. A little cont. Sc afrft. after he faith, m Wedoubt not therefore to confeffe , that there 2 9. f i7. Deus lieth uponReprobates, by thepower oftheir unchangeable repro- hoc confrlio bation, ánece tieoffinning', yea offinning -unto death without cons idit ho- repentance, and .confequently ofpef;Jhing everlaftincly. Calvine mines, ut re alto faith that Reprobates r obc not the word of God arts ipsi laberen- I? ey p ly tur: quippe cùm nitr hic ratioae pervenire non potuerit ad fines illcs fads principales. kMice. dif . 17. p. SI. Locus mifericordix &_. juflitix manifeOandx nullus fhiflet futurus, fi peccatum non exffitif et..I Z ncb.tib.S.De rat.Dei, c.a.De pyoea'e .part.q..Re(p.adpotty. rrig. propePlan. Damns reprobos_neceffitato peccandi, eóque &pereandi, ex hac Dei ordrnatione couftringi, atque itá confiringi ut nequeant non peccare arque perire. m Non dubitamus iraque confiteri, ex immutabili reprobatrone neceilicatem pec- candi, & qúidem fine refipifcentia ad mórtem uli ue peccaudi, ecíquc & pcenas ætcr- nas dandi, reprobis incumbere. throng