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SIlpralap[Ariaris charge God his junte to put to death men innocent and without blame; he bath decreed that thedevil chah deflour them, that after- ward he may damne them. It followeth therefore, that God is the main taufe of chafe their finnes. III. That God (M) is the Authour ofmens falvation and convcrtion, all fides grant : and yet he 'cloth no more in the procuring of them, then thefe men report him to do in the Reprobatesirnpentrency and damnation. The falvation and converfioa of the Elect (fay they) he hath äbfolutely and an- tecedèntly, without the forefrght ofany defervings of theirs, refolved upon, and by irrefrtiible means in their feverall ge- nerations dravveth . them to believe, repent and endure to the end, that fo they might be caved, and his abfolutedecreeace coinplithed. On the other fide, the damnation, the finnes and the finall, impenitency of Reprobates, he harh of his alone will Sand pleafure peremptorily decreed ; that his de- pree he exeçuterh in time, drawing them on by his uncon- querable power and providencefrom Anne to finne, till they have made up the meafure, and in the end have inflicted on them that eternal vengeance which he had provided for them. What difference is here in ale courte which God taketh for the converfion and falvation of the Elea., and the obduration and damnationofReprobates ? And thereforewhat hindrech but,that God (by their grounds) may as truly beflyled the prime caufe anti authour ofthe finnes ofthe one as ofthe con verfionof the other ,? The Fathers (7 ) thought it a plain cafe: and therefore they did generally make crone an objta of prefcience, not Predettination, and bent the moil of thofe arguments by which they refuted this foul afferíton, agáiníl an abfolute, ir- refillible and necetfitating decree, as I could eatlychew, but that I fear to be overlong.Onely I will cite fome few ofchoie wallows words, whom the learned and reverend Bifhop bath alledged in favour and for the defenfe of the Predeft:inafrians and the mainteiners of Gottefchalks opinion. z $if99p Úfiie-r hit y%17. of tefc:m.i38. uì vim& neceßiratem peccandi Deum intulifl'e hominivel inferre dicit, maní= fefte &horribiliter in Deum blafphcmar, quetrr ad peccata compellendourigue autorernpeccáti effe conírrmat. The Churchof Lyons in their anfwer to the pofrtionsof Johannes Scotus Which he framed agáiníl Gottefchalk, hath thefe words, Z whofòever faith, that God bath laid a con, ftraint or a nece(tie offinning upon any man, he doth éttojefilY