Davenant - Houston-Packer Collection BT810 .D38 1641

The Preface anfvered. unleffe we be agreed what is meant when we fay,Peter wA,spredeflinat edbefore thefoun- dations ofthe worldwere layd, we can never rightly judge what is meant when on the contrarywe avouch , yudzs was reprobated before thefoundations of' the world were layd. Some others under thename of Reprobati- on involve not onely the negative decree of preparing fuch effeduall grace as would bring men moll certainly unto glory;but an affirmative decree alto for the punifhing of men eternally in hell-fire. So farre forth as this Authour feemeth' to oppofe the abfolute decree of Prede[li- nation, and the abfolute decree of negative Reprobation orNon- eledion,reducing them to the contrary forefeen conditions ofgood or bad aecs in men, he croffeth the received Doctrine ofthe ChurchofEngland. But if he intend onely to prove , that the adjudi- cation of men unto eternall life or eternall death , and the temporali introduaion of men into thekingdome ofheaven,or carting of men into the torments ofhell,are always accompanied with the Divine prefcience or intuition of contrary as or qualities in thofewhich are to be faxed or condemned;. wehold it and acknowledge it a molt cer- tain truth. Yet we mull here ,dde, that Predeiination and Preterition are eternall aas immanent in God the Creatour, where,- A 3 as