Davenant - Houston-Packer Collection BT810 .D38 1641

176 r Supralapfarians charge not God thour not onely of theactionbut ofthe aberrati- on or formali obliquity thereof, in rnakiní him the true caufeof thor means which lead to damnation, which arefanfull ac`lions asfinfull, not cu aciions. We anfwer, It is very true, the means which bring reprobated men unto their da- mnation are finfull aOcions confidered as fin- full or as repugnant to the law of God, and not confidered barely and abüradively as anions : But we deny that the decreeof re- probation maketh God a caule of thole means or wicked actions wherebymen pro- cure their own damnation. For though Pre- deftination maketh God a proper efficient caufe of thofe means whereby men are brought to falvation,becaufe theyaregood, holy , fupernaturall ads; yet Reprobation maketh not God the caufe efficient of thofe means which carry menuntodamnation,be- caufe they are evil, impure , defective ads, fuch as it is repugnant to the very effence and nature of God to be a caufer of them It is certain that infidelity, impurity, impe- nitency follow the decree of Reprobation; but they follow it not as means prepared or wrought byGod for compafsing thedamna- tionof theNon-eied, but as thematter pre- fuppofed unto their juft damnation , grow- ing out of their own perverle free-will, Deg permittcntc, pravidente, 6- circa bane materi- 4M