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ä ti sizpralapfrians ch4.rge not God thour or caufer : Or elfe we may confider in them that which maketh them juft pu- nilhrnents unto other men or unto the par- tie himfelf that committeth them, or pro- fitable corrections ; and thus God chal- lengeth unto himfclf the caulng of thetas. For example ; The theft of the Sabeans and Chaldeans was a finne, as it was a wilful' and free taking away ofanother mans goods, proceeding from their own will , and con- trary to the will or lawof God : and thus their own maliceand not any influx of God into their will caufed this finnefull and de- formed a : But the fame fìnnefitll outward a:`i materially confidered might be a pu- nifhment of Job, an cxercife of his pati- ence, and an experiment of his virtue unto the fetting forth of Gods glory : and in thefe regards God taketh upon him the calling of it; Deus dedit, Zeus avrßulit. The defiling of Davids concubines by Abfa- lom , as it was a finne contrary to Gods expreffe law, had no other true caufe then the defe Eve free-will of Abfalom who committed it : But as it was a jufi punifli- ment of David for his former defiling the wife of UZriah, Godmaketh it his proper aet .ram.IY. and deed; Tufccifli cccrdltj; ego faéiurus film $z' coram tot© populo. And the reafon hereof is eafily conceived : for peceatax quatenuspee- cam is an uniuft de.fctive and monffrous