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Have perufed thefe Anlim, adverfions upon a Trea- tife intitled gods love to Man, kind , and now acknowledge ahem thus corrected for mine own. , ,90. s A RUM. Addenda Emendanda, Page-13. line 6.1dde, It is truly !aid by Abulenfis. 107.21. after Being adde, As for death, it is a privationof bodily life and bodily pain, but it is no abfolute privation of the being either of body or foul. s 29. title, reade, mens Pinnes. 149. zo. they would never. 169. 3. as an. 185.15. three Indignities. 202. 3. put-in (H.) 218.4. adde, We in this place think it rather refpe:leth all mankind, unto whom God of. fereth life upon the condition of believing. 224. title, The Sublapfá rian do&rine. 246.3o. adde, Pelagians onely excepted. 255. 28.fo . cligendos reade fidelcs. 263. 28. put-out muff. 303. 16. was therein, In the margin. Pag,86.For Comment.reade, Sent.filper. 97. for ætern. reade occulta. 157. 8.put O. 161, 15. P. 24.0. 3. A. 305. 16. M. 355.28. Vide Calvin. in Hofeam, c.14. v.1. Fag. 340. lin. z.K. 379, for Dabezde, Decl. 416. 23. C. 433. 30. L. 462. 5. C. ,.1