Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

The deceitfulne of malt/ heart. dingly,bleflìng chofe that in truth doe trufi in him, but curling fuch as withdraw from him, though not their tongues, yet their hearts. This is the order and generali purpofe of the words. They contaiue in them a propofition concerning the hearts deceitfulnefte. Here, two things are to be confidered : what is meant by heart ; what by deceitfu. By heart, mans heart is meant, as appeareth by the context. And now becaufe mans heart is one of the principa ?1 feats of the foule of man,rherefore by a Metanymie of the fubjea, it is ufually in the Scrip- ture put fometimes for the whole foule,fometimes (and that more frequently) for fuch fpeciall facul- ties in the foule, as more fpecially belong to the heart, as the Will and Affetions. But here it is ro be taken for the w hole foule and all the parts there- of, the Underftanding,the Will,the Affetions:for all are deceitful]. The word deceitful) is fignificant in the Hebrew, commingof a Verbe which fignifieth to fupplant, as runnersin the race ufe to do; and from this word had lacob his name , becaufe he caught Efau by the heele,when he was comming forth of the wombe : So doe our hearts cunningly as it were trip our heele, when we are to runne the race which is let before us. Though here allo that reafon of the name which Efau falfly gave to Iacob, may truly agree to our hearts well may they be called Iambs, becaufe they cozen many,and doe their endeavour to cozen all of Gods bleffing, and the heavenly in- heritance. But it may be asked, Is this deceitful- B 2 neffe Refolution and fenfc. GnacoL. Gcn: 7.36.