Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

The deeeitfulnef of mans heartó rents, therefore salmon afcribes them to man. So that howfoever here all() the queffion concerning thefe Taro., yea, Thiftks of treachery, and perfdi- oufneffe in our hearts,may Ge truly anfwered with that in the Gofpel:The ervion$ man hat h fawn them, yet with all it ma); juffly be faid,becaufe the ground did fo open her mouth for them, that the field it felfedid bring them forth. If at the flrff, when as this field was as the pleafant Eden of God ; how much more now, when having the faltas it were of Gods curie >fowne upon i-,'it is become as a barren wildernefhe ? If Adam and Eve might be charged as the flrff fathers and founders of thole deceitful) in- ventions fuggefted by Satan, becaufe of their rev- dy, how much more we, becaufe of our greedy ap- preehenfion of them, wherby we drinke them in as Iob,tf,IF: the RI) dot crater z If they for willing confenting to, how much more we, for wilful/ conking with the devil) ? So that whatfoever the Scriptures fhall tell us concerning the Tempters wiles, we may, fafely drawit hither, and apply it to our felves, partners and pra6tizers with Satan in his ffratagems againif our owne foules. The diflScu'ty We fee then the rocke whereout this deceit of finding out fulneffe was hewen : A pigge it is of our own Sowe; this deco tfut- a flower (weed rather) of our owne garden. It re- ncne, maineth, that more particularly we fhould fee what it is, wherein it confiffs and fhewes it felfe; a labour Purely full of difficulty. For as the woman of Samaria Paid of her Well to Chrift, The Well ss. Cohn 4. deepe,; and thon haft no pitcher the fame may we fay to our (elves of this pit, this puddle, this den, this dun-