Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

-;;;`.__.. THE MYSTERY OF Selfe-Deceivin g OR, A DISCOVRSE and Difcovery of the Deceitfulne le of MANS HEART. 'Written by the late faithfull Minitier of Gods Word,D A N I E L DYKE, Batchelor inDIviNITIE. Publifhed í'ïnce his death, by bis Brother I. D. Minifï:er of Gods W o R D. And now by him augmented and enlarged, and there- unto two exquifite TABLES added, enlightening much the whole TREATISE. JEREM.27.9. The Heart is deceitfull above all things who can know it? P SAL. 19, I z. Who knoweth the errours of his life ? Lord cleanfe me from my fecret faults. LONDON. Printed by Richard Bifhop, 16 4 2.