Fenner - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.A1 F37 1657

'reatif ofthe 4fe&1ionS. world, and fbólith to the things of God. The beft things of the earth coin- pare them tograce, are no better than a penny toapound : what a ftrange thing i this that we lhould be thus bafely foolib ? not affe& a Sermon more then a Play ; not affe t the grace of our Lord Jefus Chrift more then an earthly bargaine. There i; a homely faying, out it is a molt true one, A Foole will not give his bawble for the Tower of London. his affe&ioi:s are more on his Hatand hisFeather 'thenonany thing elfe, !' rzì -rEi.07a, 0-7r rcw}n, j°&., He is very ferious about ridiculous things. Fie for flamebrethren, let us not befo profanely conceited of grace, io bay), minded as to fet our affei= here below, when we arecalled toset themon God; The fifth motive is taken from the inftability ofour affetions : ifour affeai- í. onsbe ferUpon the things ot.this life,theymutt be faine to repent of it t'aft, Frans the info. what ever come of it : whether we perifkr or not, whetherwe be laved or b'tY of the r damned,it is certain we shall repent of it: if ever thou go to Heaven,Godwillfeftions, make thee repent that ever thou haft been fo vain,, focarnal, 1 fo voluptuous,,. fo próud,Godwill make thy heart ake for it. Iabhor myfelfe, fayes job, and repent in duff andafhes, Job 42.6. O. I could even fpit in mine own face, I could even be content to guafli my teeth at mine ownfoule, that ever I fin- tied thug and thus, now I repent it indull and athes,O that I hadnever done fo ; were it to do again, I wouldnever do it fora thoufand worlds : thus if thougo toheaven thouwilt be' fain to repentit. And ifthou go tohell, thine ownhorror and thine intollcrable torments and plagues will force thee to repent It too, that ever thouhaft let thineaffections ,on earths then thouwilt curiechine own felt,and ban thineown thoughts, &fret and ftampeat thine ownmadnefhc, that thouthouldft fet thinc affcaiorisupon the thingsof the world,when thou mighteft have had a Saviour, and a God, ifthouhad ft been wife,and wouldeft have been ruled, Migni emitor pccn:tentia, alas,fuch repentance cofteth theedear. When it bath colt thee thy foul and brought thee to hell, andutterly undone thee for ever, then thou lc,amelt how to re- pent, . WhenDive: was in hell, then he repented that everhe was fee hard-- lít'arted to Laz.ar.u, Send Lazar, s, &c. O hewould now aske him forgive- neil fend inch a poor wretch now,I will make him refticurion.Lord fend now thy Commandements and now we will obey them ; Lord now fend thy Minifters untous, and we will hear them ; fend u; one Sermon more, andnowwe will do it. As foreas God is in Heaven, you will repent it ano- ther day,that ever you let your afleEtions thus on the thingsof this life. Be-, loved, mere it not better by odds, not to fet your affeftions.thus at all, then when e havedone it,repent it,when all comes to all ? .Non admiferlr cujus pleapæniteat. Donot committhat,ifye be wife,which.yen -witrepent when* ye have done ic,Thisvery Sernwn,ifye will not hearken nowto obey it, I fay this verySermon your çonfciences will be flare tovexe youwithal'. Such a Sermon 1 heard, and there I had a warning, then I was told of this ven- geance I endure, but I would not liften. O wo is me and my rebel- lion, that I did sot, I, befeech you confider it, let your affe&ions o- thetwifc then ye do, feu them gracioufly on God , or cafe ye will. be forced to repent for ever. The fixthmotive is takenfroxn the jealoufieofthe affeaions: BelOVed)WiWri 6. aHusband fufpeas his wivesaffc&ions arenot to him,there is an affeftion of Prom the sea- jealoufie arifes in hisheart torcvenge it : a man cannot abidethat his wife louse of the a thould give her affeetions toanother. 'So Beloved ,God is a jealous God,whenf¿atone. he feeshe cannot have thyaffè`tions tohim:he bath made thee his creature, he bath hired thee for his fervanr, nay he cfpoufed thy foule as-a. wife and a 1poufe to his own Son; and if he may fufpc& that thy after &ions are othcrwifc let, he will be jealous againft thee. This will be the grievoufelt revenge of all revenges that arc ,potable. revcngelike 0 ; the 101