Fenner - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.A1 F37 1657

Treatije oftheAjeílions. bath gotten ; but fo it is, that norMinifter,nor Scrmon,nor warnings from God, nor any thing can tree him : Still he is enthralled, Now confider, are otir of ;:&ions fuch tyrants, when they be fer upon the things of this life ? O let is let them upon God. 1f they can captivate us to God , and bring us intoa golden bondagewith grace and with goodneffe, we are happy. Seeft thou how the wickedare tyed to their fins, and their luils ? to if thine affe- dions were let upon God,thouwouldft be tyed unto God. O it's an ad- mirable rye, this, CO be tyed unto God : This is it that the wifeft man in theearth advifeth us CO, My fon, fayes he, keep thy fathers commandments, binde them continually upon thy heart, and tye them about thy neck,, Prov. 6. 21. Thine affèaions are there flay-bands, and thefe tyers ; ifchine atleaions he fet upon the Word, theywill rye it to thy foule ; if they he fet upon grace, and love to Gods Ordinances, his Sabbaths and his wayes,theywill rye them to thy heart : if thouwilt not CE thine affeaionsupon God, thouart a very flave,a very flave unto Sacan and co fin ; thou arc not onely in a woful con- dition, as thouart, but they tye thee faft to it ; and if God may not be to much beholden to thee for thine afleCtions tohim-ward, he will ùttrap thee, and take theeby them, as a Beare is taken by the Collar, and hale thee to judgement. Thouhaft little affuEtion, or none at all, to the Word : may be thou cornett not to be reproved, and amended by the Word, but thou comeft tohave Tome knowledge, and forne pretty fenrence to calk on, or fome fine ftory or paffage to (peakon : as I live, faith the Lord, I will an- fwer thee according to thy thoughts: may be thou come(} that thoumayeft crapeup tome hopestohave mercy andheavenat the lait ; ` may be thou comeft to fnatchup fome fentenceor other that may fecure up thy contci- enee : if therebe ever a paffage of mercy, that thou wouldeft faine have; As I live, faith theLord, I will anfwer thee according to thy thoughts, and thineown vain heart that which thoucameff for in the Word,asI live,faich TrdEKek, t4, theLord,thou fhalt have it. Thoudoeft not come tolearne how tobe ho- ;, 43 s. die yand be ftri-Ster than thouart, but though thou beeft noftrkter than thou rtalready, yet to have tome hopes to be faved for all chat. Io3 THE