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?A Treatife of the ilifeîlions. (frtark.I.24. Happily thou fearc t to go flatly againft the Sermons thoii heard} , thou fear& to live fo bad as thou didit ; happiiy thou rejoycelt to hear the Bell ring toa Sermon , and artglad to hear the preaching ofa Miniaer; happily thine affc&iovs are fowrought on, that thou artinoved co domany things, not to fuffer fuchpotting and cupfyiug in thyhoule as thou ufedit , not toendure fuchd iforders in thy family as thou wert wont; alas, alas, this is goodyet; and,O that others wereproficientsthus far,this is fur- ther thenmany, dogo , but this thoumayca do , and yet be a Carnallift. Thou knoweft this is the truth ofGod ,and this ftirres thiie ae Lions a little. Thirdly,God,may be, he bath quickned thy kuowleäge a little , and quickned 3 thy confcience, and made it tell thee the horror of thy tins, and tnis mayraife Bednon 1tc1nee up thine affectionsmany fteps higher; not onely to mourn for thy fi,,s, and qu;ee be full of the aff.:fions of forrow, but alto togomournfully, andfadly up and down,topull down thyproud looks , to take on lamentably ; becaufe of thy former,iniquities. As Ahab, Thus the word made .Ahab rend the very clothesoff his back, and fling,oft his royal robes , andpur on fackcloth in their room, it made him have. no mind to his meat, but to Taft, yea togo 'foftly too,fayes the Text : 1 Kings 21.27.. When Ahab heard thefe words., be tore offhis clothes, heabflainedfromhis meat., and.rvent lofty. Ambulabat demif fo capite g that is,he did not go fo proudly upAnd down with fuch a careere itl the:ftreets,as before; No, he hung down his looks, he went fadly andfofdy up anddown as he went. Thusfar toothou,mayft go in railing thine affettiii ons, and yet be a Carnallift. Thoumayeft be [mitten in thy{oul for thy fins, as:togo (ufdy,and lad mournfully up and ,down, to have little:luft to eat thy meat for thi11:itig of thy fins, to gopoorly-and meanly, and have little mind CO gobravely :I faythiue.atfeCtions maybe fo quickned,as togofadly all along as thougaeff;tothat all that knewtheebeforemay,wonder;goodLord, What ayyes yonder man, how he ischanged 1,ewas a .Ruffian, a Royfter, and whobut be theother day : what's the matter withhire ? he goes fó fad- lyupanddjwn,atìd petfively along. But whydo I fpeakagainft thee; when there be few that area quarter fowell affected, as .thou.? -but alas, I tell thee, thou mayeft go:thus far, and be thus deeplyaffeaed, andyet be a Carnalift. Fourthly, á, "deep apprehenfon, a,ndfenfe ofthe horror ofthineefiate : thismay wind up thineoflegions manyftcps higher; thou mayeft be afraid co bedam- ned, and afraid of the judgements of God , and this may fetch teares from By adeep app thine eyes, andfiglies and,groanes from thy heart. This mayeven melt thy thehof afleltions intoweepings ,. and abundance ofweepings for the fins thou haft their eftrr te. done,and yet.bèa Carnalli(t. TheProphet brings in the carnal' Ierves fo do- wg,, This have"yedoneagain , covering theAltar ofGod with teares, with weeping and crying' opt.; ii.ifomuch that he regardeth not the offering any mote. Mark, theyoffered theirprayers untoGod, and cryed out-right , yea , they h1a; Z; powredoui many teares, they covered Gods Altar with teares,and yet fayes he, God regarded not their prayers,and their offerings for all that : fhould we fee.a man come toGodsHou(e,andhearbimat thehearing oftheWord, orcallingupon;God, makeanott-cry of his fins, yeaweep and weep abun-, dandy,cover hisPewwith histeares, we would wonder at the repentance and the goodafféions ofthat man,yct fólac thou mayeftgo, fuchgood af- feaions thoumayeft have, as to cover thyTable with tears , yea and Gods Altar with thyweepings, and yet be a Carnalüft. ása3o, d' äe,ß cíwguec « vgfes, Goodmenfayes Homer areweeping men. Nay, I faya man may be a leite weeping man, and yet bea good man. O howmightily may a mans affe- Etions be wrought on,andyet bea (hanger fromGrace I Fifthly , felf -love : look how high felf-love maywind up thy affe&tións By fe/f lové,' for thy fins, fo high may thineaffections be wound up. Self-love maymake thee wondrous affeâionate. No naturali affe&ion can poffi-bly be raifed up higher,therifelf-love may..St. Paul maybeing to reckonup all the finfull af- C a icaiont