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r 1t. (J.Treatfe of the .affe 7ion.r. better thenmiilious can fay: but this thou mayeft do,and yet be a carnalliff. 4; Fourthly, It may elevateh's offell:ons fo high, as to be fo forward in Relg;on Andto be for- andgodlineffe:fo t}ri& in his wayes,as to be perfecuted too for the truths fake, ward in Reli- and for C,luif}s fake : hemay endue perfecucion a good while : indeed if it gino, run to per- too far,he will warpe; bu: perfecuted hemaybe, and fuller a good while hemay,aud yet bea carnal man. This you may fee in the ftony-ground hearer, Heheareth theWord,and receives it w'th joy,Matth, i 3.20. Mark,his of feclions arc raifed,he receives the Word and theGofpel wich joy, he is af- fec&cd with the WVord,nay (ayes our Sayiou°, He endureth a while, andperfe- cutionartfes againfi him,then he is offended,VVerfe z I. Its tru;,he is offended at this,that he lhould Tidier perfecution, he would be glad to be a Profeflot of the Word,fohe might profeffe it in a whole skin,as we fay : he does) and hew.11 warpe then, that's certain: that's all one ; neverchelefs ye may ob- .. ferve in themeane time what a great way hegoes in religion,he tradesfo far in r,that otherswili perfecure himfor it, and yet but a carnal man for all that. Now of the good ground. Fiftly, it may lit up his a$e&ions fohigh, as to rav:fh himandenamour him A;.d to be ravi- himwith lopsofthe Spirit. He may be in fome ex-afies of fpiritual joy : as flied with the man y examples might benatreL\Vere not the Galathiansenamoured with Noyes of the Spi- the Gofpelthat would haveplucks out their eyes andgiven them to Paul? were not the peope over-joyed, when they cryed out in the open Congregation, L,;rd evermoregive us this bread ? O then, fetyourafferttron, &c. 11,4101-11145 .13fAVOitillgz The 'IL SE R M O N. CoL0S.3. z. Setyour af fe5tions on things that are above , &e; He laft thing that I told youwas, what a great way a carnal man maygo in thispoint. His affe&ions may be wrought on exceed :ugly. I promifed toPhew you that this was no argument that his .aticaions are tee upon Co.]. The Apoffledoes not fay, let the things that are above workon your aflcEkions, for fo theymaydo,and ye be carnal for all that ; but he fayes, Set your affeífloua on tb:ngs -i4 ch are above. Reafons 4. There be four renions to prove, though a carnal mans affe&ions be fo wroughton asye have heard, that they arenot rightly wroughton. Doe carnal Firf},becati'e they are not kndl wrought on. They are chafed and heated mans affe£rions verymuch,but they arenot kindly wrought on.The aff&ions muff be kind- are not kindly ly wrought on,otberwife they are not wrought on aright ; they may be vio- wrojigbt on. lently and paflionaclywrought on, there may be a great deale of pud er wrought in the affe&ions,but never are they rightly wrought o'a,unlefs they be wr.mght upo h kiudly.Be kxdly affe lionedone to another with brotherly love, fayesSaitt Paul, "kgm.xz,i o, The Galatians that would have pluckt out their eyesfor S, Pant, they were ftrongly affeffed with S.Paul, but theywere not kindly affeaed. Iftheyhad been kindly affe&ed with him or his Do&rine, they would not have hearkened to falfe Apoftles,as they dicLA carnal man, natural rcafon andknowledge otx.af the Word may work onhis affcaions, his