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20 rreatifeof the fffeEtions. fe:tions are a peffïble fubje& to be wrought on, the Word and the Spirit mayperfwade him and therefore what a care thould we have ofour af- * feetions, becau(e thereby we are placableand reconcileable to God TheApoflle yokes thefe two together, without natural affeaion, implacable, Romer. 3 I. for aman as longas hebath anynatural affe tiou left, he is ne- verimplacable : fti11 hemay be perfwaded, un'effe his affections degender, andprove to beunnatural if theafe&ions depend on this fafhion, he is not only wicked and an enemy tograce, but he is an implacableenemy : think then whatwrong yedo to your own fouls,fo unnaturally to fit your affe&i- ons,to let thcmtodegender as youdo,and wander after vanity.Bewarc how ye do fo,ye go about todivert all poflìbility ofconverfuon, andprovoke the Lord to count you implacable enemies tograce and to the fcepterofhisdear Sonne. 4 Fourthly, it mayappearehow infinitely it funds you inhand to fet your The affellions are the hands afteetions aright, becaufe theaffeílions are the hands of yourfoules. Ye cannot of the ftu!. take holdof any thing in the World todo you any good but by your aflc- &ions .For as hands are to the body,fo the affe&ions are to the foui. Willa man be fomad as toput his hand and his fingers out of joynt ? alas he can- not take holdoffomuch as hismeat for to eat it. So the a.fiec`tions are the hands of the foul. He thathath cleanhands and apure heart. Pfal. 24, 4. that is, he whole affeetionsare clean,and heart pure. Iwillrnafhmy hands in inno- eency,andfa will' compaffethineAltar.Pfat, 26.6. that is, I will purge mineaf- feaions,andfo I will pray. I will that men pray every where lifting up hod hands without wrath, r Tim.s.8. i , that is,lifting up holy affeetions, without the diftempered affections of wrath or anger or the like: the affè&ionsarc the hands of the heart, whereby it takes the word or the Commandement, or any thing to ir. Nowwhat-a horrible thing is it that thefe hands of thine fhould beput outof joynt ? as long as thineaffection are tothe things hereon Earth,they are all ourof joynt ; thoucan't never takegrace. Ye cannot take holdof apro.nife nor any of theword, unleffe your affections beright. I know that Faith is the right handofthe foul, whereby it takes hold of that which is good. But alas the handof Faith is clumbfie without the affections. Such aone had a croßë,how didhe rake it ? fay we ; that is, how is he affected under it ? ye take it ill to be reproved of your fins : ye take it ill to be warned and admonithed either inpubliqueor private. Ye take it ill tobe toldofthe judgements of God againft your lulls. Alas, how can.youdootherwifc ? ye. cannot take it well,when your affeetions,that thould take it well,are fet upon vanity ? wilt thoubinde upand hamper thineaffeaions in the thingsof the Earth ? alas thyhandsare quitebound,thoucanftnot take hold of Chriftor of Heaven. Thou doeft even pinion thine own foul and [hackle it for Hell. What does the Devil, when he(hackles a man like a prifoner for Hell and Math. 22. t 3. damnation ? he binds himhandandfoot, and fo salts him into utter darknefs; he bindsuphis heartand affections, that hecannot weepe, nor he cannotre- pent of his fins, he cannot rcjoycein grace, nor in goodneffe, he cannot de- light in the word, hebinds up his affections which are the hands and feet of the foul, and fo fits him for Hell and deftruaion: above all things thenbe fore that thyhandsbe loofe,and thine affections at liberty to feu them upon Heaven. 71íe Affeífionr Fiftly, it may appear how infinitely it Elands yòu in hand to let your affe- are the handles Ltions aright, becaufe they are not onely the hands, but thehandles ofyour (Tour hearts. hearts, as yourheartscan,catch hold ofnothing that isgood, unlefEe your af- fections take hold,fonothingcan take hold ofyour hearts, but by your affe- :lions. Ifever the word doconvert you, it muttcatch holdof you. Jefus faid untoSimon,henceforth thou(halt catch men, Luke 5. r o. that is, the preaching ofthe Word, it [hall catchmen,when thou prcacheft. Now one of the firit holds