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rreatije of the i%ffëflionf. give occafion to thy heart, in the end it may take it. The Apoftle gives this asa reafon whyTitus was fowell affè&ed with che good people in Corinth, namelybecaufe he thought of and remembred their obedience to God. His inward affection is the more abundant toward you, whileft bee remem- broth the obedienceofyou all, 2.Cor.7.I 5. Ifwe mould oftenGo* our thoughts and iemembrances about God, thismight winne our affections to God. Thou giveft thine affe&ions fomany thoufandoccafions to bee fet upon the things Ofthis life, thy tongue is accuftomed to(peak of little elfe, thine ear accufto- hiedto hear little elfe,thymindeand thymemory accuftomed to thinkoflit- tle elfe, thou giveft thy heart to many occafions to fet its affections on the things of this life, that I wonder not thine affections are not fet upon God. This is the reafon why men are fo to touchy and focholerick, and revenge- full and envious and malicious ; this is the reafon why they are foapt to be overtakenwith inordinate pleafure,or covetous defires,or carnali forrowes and griefs and the like, theygive their hearts occafions tobee fo; they are nor choiceof their company, they are not wary of the beginnings of fin, they entertaine toomany thoughts of injuries and crofles, and afflictions, and profits, and vanity in theWorld, manyoccafions they give to their hearts to fet their affections thereon. Theheart when it hath anoccafion to finne, is like the wilde-Affe in the Prophet : in heroccafion whocan turne her a- way ? fer. 2, 24, The wild-Affe if the have an occafion of luft, no body can turne her away fromher luit, as Tremelius obferves : occafion is a maine thing inmatters either of finor.of grace. If Peter had not given his heart an occafion to bee tempted by bLing in the Hall, doubcleffe he would have beene better occupied then in denying his Matter ; if David had not given occafion to his lulls by looking careleflely fromhis rook, for all that I know, he had beenat his prayers, whenhe wasa whoring with Oriah his wife. IfLot had not-given accafion to his flefh bydrinkingòf Wine, hehad been a bleffingof God for his mercy the while he was committingof inceff. Capillata eft occafio,Occafion bathafore-top, how eafie is it tobe takenhold of ! The Galatians are commanded that their libert y be not soled as an occafi- on to theflefh, Cal. 5.1 3. for as Toone as the flefh hath an occafion offered, prcfently it's likely.to take it Womenmuff notg:ve an occafion to theAdverfary tofpeak reproachfully 1 7ím. 5.14,Let no manpot aRumblingblock or anoccafion tofall in his brothers may. Rom.14. 13. Occafions toevill are all dangerous; as the flefh is ready to takeall occafion tofinne, fo the fpirit to take an occa- fion to good. And thereforeifthou wouldeft fer chine affections on God, give thy heart as manyoccafions thatway as thou cant} : keepe filch com- pany as may occafion thy heart to be affected with Chrift. Compofe thy file to be often thinkingandmeditating ofthe Word, and of fuck things as may occafion thy heart to fet its affections above. Andwhen thyheart hathSuch. HerRr. occafions asthefe offered untoit, prefle it and urge it to take hold of the oc- cafion.; Premenda occafio, faies Horace; good occafions are to be preft upon. If thou wouldeft make confcience of this duty, to occafion thine affections aright, they would be fet quickly upon God. This is the third helpe,to fet thine affectionson God,give thineaffections often occafioir 4. thatwa Let thine affe- Y Mons be ofien Thefourth is this. Let thine ofe&tions be often mooed to Clod, never miife wooed toGod. ifthoucanit choofe, the preaching ofGods Word : there is never a godly Minder but 'is Chrilts paranymph, he is a friend of the Bridegroom. John 3.29. Whenfoever heprcaches,he comeson Chrifts errand ro wooe thine aftectionstoChrift. Chrift does as a great Prince, thatminding to marrya wife out ofa farreCountrey, fends overhis paranymphs to wooefor him,to get her affections if it be poffible.So beloved we that are Gods Minifters, we are Chriftsparanymphs, we preach to wooeyour affections to thrift. And therefore