Fenner - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.A1 F37 1657

: 44 j T'reatife of the .ffeMons. led after all thy turnings to God. So it was with goodEphraim : pray af.or -that Iwas turned, I repented, andafter that I was inftru1cd , I (mote upon my thigh, I was ashamed, yea even confounded. 3er.3 I, 19. Ephraimwas hum- bled after that he was turned. It was not before he was turned, but after that hewas turned , he repented and was humbled. This got up the very bortome of his affc&ions , and all unto God. See how full of affections he was. He (moteupon his thigh, he was in a holy rage at his own foul,he blufhed , he Was afhamed, yea he was even (mitten wich confuí on of face before God. All the bottom ofhis affections was up, his zeale , his forrom, his'hame, and the wholebottomeofall carne up then, becaufe he was thus humbled. 2. Secondly , Keep no clofe loft , no corruption rn fecret unmorti Çed, As Keep no clofe this is a meanes to get up all the bottome ofour affections, and fet them clofe loft un- upon God , fo it is a fign too whether we do fo or no. For when a man mortified. is willing to be fearcht, who may be was fufpeered ofdealing, if he be wil- ling to be fearcht, to havehis pockets, and his houfe fearcht , and his cofers fearcht, andall his hauntsfearcht, feare`hme, ¡ayes he, I have it not : Ike that is willing thus to be fearcht , it's a figs he hath not flollen it. So it was with theP f 1mi fl ; for having faid that his affections were let upon God, and againft them that were againft God : he bids God (catch him, and fee it he could find that it was contrary. Search me O God , and knowmy heart, or as fome tranflations have it, and try the ground or the bortome of my Yd. v. :,,z2. heart, fee if there be anyway of wickedneffe in me, Pfa1. 13 9. '2 3 24 . As if he had Paid : If I have any fecret corruption that I favour my felt in, I confeffe the bottomeof mine aflc&ions is rotten , but I am willing to be fearcht , !earth me Ó God , and try the ground or the bottome of my heart, and fee if it be not fo as I profcfle it to be ; I fay, asthis is a means , fo it is afogne too. A meanes it is toget up the bottomeofthe aflectìons, and fet themuponGod. For as longas a man bath any fecret luft , any bottome corruption which he favours himfelfin , he can never let the bottome ofhis afteaionsupon God, 3. Thirdly , confider God millfhame thee one day if the bottome be notfound; Confider God thou mayeft have good affections for the while , and be held for a very willfbame thee good Chriftian, and a forward profeflor : but if thine aftè&lions he not folid ene if the nor and found at the bottome, Godwill fhame thee. Though the fipple lookne- d day a be ver fo well,yet if it be not foundat the core at laft'twill be manifeft. Though. the Egge look never.'fo lovely , yet if it beaddle within , at lait it fhall ap- pear. God will unmaske theeone day and make it appear thine affections werenever right at the bottome. ThisDavid ufed as a meanes to provoke him toget a foundheart at the bottome. Let my heart be found in thy fta- tutes , that I be not afhamed, Pfal, 119. Sc), The affe3 ionof tharne a mars wouldbe loth tobe put to, and he knew he fhould be put to it force time or other , if hewere not found at the bottome, And therefore he labours withGod that his heartmight befound in his flatutes , he was not content, to have goodaffcaions that way , but he labours to have found and folid affections th t might befound at the bottome. That I be not athamed,fayes he ; what a fhame will it be to fee thee a damned Goat at Chriits left hand, that now art efteem_ed a good Chriftian ? if thou beeft not right at the bottome , fo it will be. Give me leave to tellyou one th:'ng that oc- curred in an experience of nine owne. I was once a laying to a. Gentle- man who was exceedingly affected at the word, and profefhed great love to myMiniftery , and that he would defend it, and make much of the word. O Paid I, there be many that yet feem very forward to ap- prove of the word , and to defend it , &c. that when the word comes to meet with their bofome- finnes , and gives them no rest in their confciences, I feare me will fet againft Minifter and word and all etc be.