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eff `I'reatifè of the ffedion.r. ,r.ç. '44 *VS 4.4' 15 41014214 The IX. S E R M O N. Setyour af felLtions on th.'ngs that are. above, &c . THere rernaines the fourth head , which is theextremityThe extremity of the affe&ions , and that is zeale. Zeale is due only teo efthe affeí?i- God, and the things of his werfh;p ; and therefore hence °nJ's peat, and we may fee, how infinitely theyfin, thatfet their affe&i- dd"e only ró ons on things hereon earth , becaufe they rob God of his due; zeale,which is the extremity of the affe&ions, is due only to God and the things of his worfhip. Phineaa was zealousforhis god, Num.2 5. 13. he gave the zeal of his affe&ions tono other but God. Now, what is zeal ? Zeale is a high_grainof all the offetlions, whereby the heart puts. forth all its zelus quid. affe&ions withmight upon that which it abfolutely affe&s; fivethings there- c. fore there are, which concurreto the making up of wale. Thmgsin deal. First, a highmeafore of the of feEtioros. Every meafure of theaffe&,ins is not I. zeal, a man may affe& a thing coldly and lute-warmely,that is not zeal. As A high meafure a covetousman may have luke-warme good affe&ions tothe word. Bac thisofaffei ions. is notzeal.I fay,zealis a high meafure ofthe affe&ions. Zeal is a metaphorical word in the Original, it's taken from thefeerhing ofwater over the fire. Every meafure of heat in the water is not Teething, No,feethinghot is a high mea- fure of heating. TheApoftle confeffes how the falfe Apoftles affected th;. Galatians. They zealoufly ofteayou , (ayes he , Galat.4. I7. heconfeffes they did affe& the Galatians , and he confeffes they did highly affe& them, in a very high meafure, if it had been as well, as it washigh : they zealoufly affe&you,that is,they highly affe&you. Clavafius a Cafeeit for thePope,ha- ciavaflus his viug run through allthe Alphabet of queftions, in the endofhis Bookcon- fervor Divini cludeth with zeal . Zeal,fayes he, is ahigh meafure of heat of affe&ion , inch charityis. an onefayes he,as I have ihewnunto Chrift in writing this Book It'sa molt dvillífh faying, for his Book is littleelfe then a hellifh rhaplody ofblafphe- mies toChrift, and magnifyings of his holy father thePope. But thereinhe layes right. That zeal is ahigh meafureofaffe&ion. Secondly, as zeal is a highmeafure ofthe affe&ions, fo it is ofail the affeai- 2 ens. I donot fayanyone of theaffeCtions alone,or offundry together. But it Zeale àhigh is a high meafure ofall the affe&ions. Bonaventura andother of the Schoole meafure of all make it onlyof love; LudovicusVves makes it to becompounded of two affe- the affelhons. &ions, indignation andpitty. Others tobe mixed ofanger and love : this is not dúpr !. fen. not fo; for zeal is a high ftrainofall the affe&ions. And therefore the Apo- file letsit as agenerali height of the affe&ions in generali. It's good to be zeàlbufy af fe5led in agood thing , Gal. 4.12. he does not onely fay , it's good to be zealous in love, or zealoufly angry , but generally it's good to be zealoufly affe&ed in a good thing. Sorrow for finne is good , and therefore it's good to be zealoufly affe&ed with it , De_ire of grace is good, and therefore it's good to be zealoufly affeaed with it. So that then We may be Laid to be zealous for God ; When our love to him is ear- I 3 nett.