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j aLE JL it 11 I. iti THe right ufe and orderingofthe Affc&iòas. Par I Dahl. A natural! man cannot fit his $fffftions on God,or upon thingsabove. 3 What theaffcfticns arc. ib I They are motions. ib. s Theyare motionsof thewill. 4 3 They are forciblemotions oftheheart. 6 4 They are fcnfible motions. 7 They are according to the.apprchenfions of good and evil'. li Refont. 1 They are the wings of the foule. a z They are the inclination of the foule. rr 3 Theyare the pafíton ofthe fouie. a s 4 They are the perturbationof the foule. 14 9 degrees whereifi the affeftions may be wroughion; In five of them a carnali man may have his affeftions wiouught on,but in the laic foule hecannot. 17 i The heart is inticed by them. ibid. a The heart is founewFat touched therewith. ib. 3 Theheart is fomewhatbowed by them. z I 4 The' heart is flolneaway with them. 19 s The hea rt is inflamed upon them. so 6. The hears is Overturnedfromwhat it was. 1" 7 That the heart be ingaged for "-God. ib. 2 The heart is glued to a thing by them. . as 9 The heart may bee quite given up to the thing?it atrzfts., Z3 Affeftions ofthewir kfdcannot be fet on Chrift ,but may he raifed towards Chrift. s3 Proved by.fiveart :meats. r By the fparkesof right reafon, ib. z By the knowledgeout ofthcWord. as 3 By knowiedgeand confcience quickned, * 26 4 Bythe horror of theircftate. 27 f By felfe-love, 23. A tcdionsm'ayworke the wicked to doe fame fpecialt duties,asappeares in fire inítances. s, urthRea(bn, though a carnal' mans affe&ion; b wrought on,yet they are not kindlywrought on. f irft,theyare not z kindly, s judicioufly, 3 iegnlarly3- 4 univeifally. A 3 _ Ez..t ,