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rreatije oftheAPEiions. by hislooks : while Paul was preaching, he looked fo cheerfuly and fo.greed;ÿ upon hunt, as it he drunk-ti every point that he Paid. The man without: doubt Was x:ealous to heart. The fifth fighe of zeale towards God, is rejoyc'isg to fee theforwardneffeof o- sígne, Re- thers. I rejoyced greatly,fayes John to theeleaLady,I rejoyced gready,thatjoycing to jre I found of thy children walking in the truth; 21oh.4. Nay,ifyoube zealous9 the forwárd; though it may teem a difparagemenc tb, thee, that others thouldbe as gra neffe of others. ciousand famous as thy felfe,yet thouwilt joy in it : itfeerned tobe a difpa-, ragement toMofes, that Eldad andMedad of lowrank in theChurch, that fuch as they fhouldprophetic in the Camp: Before Mofes was counted the onlyProphet of the Lord,but now EldadandMedad proplaefie:aswell as he g. this I fay;niight have famed a difpairagement tohim,yet he was fo far from repining thereat,as that he wasglad for to hear it;wouldGod that all the Lords people were Prophets, Nnm.I i.29. I confellea good manmay be difcontented hereby at the firftbtElefh and blood was ftriving in good 7o1hua himfelfeat that time, ii ofesforbid them,fayes he. But agodly foul will checkhimfelf, and pull down his fpirit, and force his heart to beglad, and rejoyce in the ood- neffeof others,though it bea feemingdifparagement tohim. A goo t- !lifter rejoyceth to hear of anotherMinifters gifts,thatout-ftripshim.Agood man rejoyces to fee others that are better,and better beloved than himfelfe, though younger and inferiour,andMeanerotherwife. But ifthou doeft not joy ro feemen zealous for God,it is certaine thouart a wretch : may be thou thiukeft much,thiue eye is evil,becaufe they arefogood & fogodly, and the. like; this is an argument of a gracelefleheart : maybe thou arc apt tojudge hardly of fuch and filch, becaufe they are holyer and preçifer than. thyCelle; O but if thouwert zealous, thouwouldeft rejoyce for to fee it. Haft thoua better gift thananother ? thou art bound tohelphim ; bath hea better gift than thou ? hé isboundto be helpful to thee. It is a good faying of de01, Comment in Tolle »íziidiam,2T' tuum eft quodhabeo ; tollam invtdiam, &metrm eft quod babes., Job. Take aWay envy,and look wherein I excelthee, is thine. I will take away . envy,and then look wherein thötfexcelleft me,is rn ne. If thou be zealous; thouwilt rejoyce howfoever; Be he a childe,thouwilt rejoyce that he is bet- ter gifted than. thy felf ; nay, for thatmay a carnal heart do, and be proud, . he may rejoycethat hischilde is better memoried,better witted,5etter gifted thanhimfelt. Othinks he,this is my childe,this ismy fon; this is my daugh- ter, never a father or mother hereabouts can fay they havefucha childe. This is nothingbut pridçut be it a fervadt, yea, be it a ftranger,be, it one whom thoucounteft th enemy,thouwilt rejoyce inhisgifts;fo Godmay beglorified, :'o matter thoughI'be difgraced,yea,I count it my honour,that. my fháné in the world may be the ftirrup for Gods honóur.togetup':"tIitü thou wilt reafòn,ifthou hafta fpirit oftrue zeale. It is greatly tobe bewailed howmany fymptomesofatheifine areambngft us in thisregard : For men are fo far from rejoycíng in the forWardneffe ofothers,that theygrumble, . and they thunder at nothing fo mulch, as that any fhould be forward and Zealous for God ; they had rather have an hundredboonecompaüions,than one zealous man,rathet be acquaintedwith twentythat are carnal,thanone One that is holy inhis wayes. I thankGod,fayes one,we have nc'rea Puritan in our Partfh. I amglad we canfay, we have noneof thefe fingular fellowes in ohr town,fayesanother. I fpeaknot of filthas theLaw does count Puri: táns,enemies to the State and theChurch,it is ableffing indeed there be none filch : Butof thegodly,that are calledPuritans by the impure tongues of the wicked; theState hathnobetter friendsunder heaven,theKingdomno bet- ter fubjensiinthe world, than are they : for thefe are they that prayaway God's judgements from the Land, that are earneft with the Lord in prayetfor the King and Council, and the Church , while the Men the