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102 rvdn ExPOSITION ~ all them in their wrap'd and eccentrick Motion, a~d violent Proceedings. And PA RT Il. furely, how that many of the Learned among the Jefuits themfelves, !hould l..fV""'!oJ come to commit this Sm, 1s not hard to conc<tve : For m the1r Younger Years, they are bred up in ways of Devotion, and have Truth and Light enough among them to give them a tajie of the Power1 of the World to come: Who yet, after their fl:udyingour Wnnngs, and d1tcernmg the Truth, do, for Worldly ends, wilfully go againft it; and being once engaged i~ thole ends,. they fall to defpife the Truth, and are' g1ven up unto a w1lful fmnmg of thiS great Sm, through a juft hand of God upon them ; they bemg ordamed to grow worfe and worfe, as their Light encrealeth; even as it became God under thefe Vials to puni!h them. And fo, as that firfl: fmall and. weaker Light under the firfl: Vial being rejel:ted, their Punt!hment was, a gn>~ng of them up unto grofs Sins: and then further, under the fecond and third Vials, their Dol:trine having been by a clearer Difcovery made to the PerGflers m lt, damnable ; . nothing was now lefr, (they yet perfifling, and God being engaged to rife higher in his Plagues) bunhat God 01ould flrikc Hell-Fire intotheir Confciences, and fcal up Reprobation unto them. And thu• 1t became h1m not to leave thele Oppo– fers and Murderers of the Samts and Holy W1tndfes of God m all Ages, till he had given many of them up to this Sin, of all other the higheft, fo to make full the mealure of their Iniquities, before that Kingdom and State be finally ruined ; as he did the Pharilees in that lafl Age (when he meant to bring on them all, their Fore·£1thers killing his Prophets in Jc,.,!folw;, giving them up umo this Sin, as the effell of Chrift's Miniflry, (as this here of the Witneffes Teftimony). But ( >bove all), how thofe that Apoflatife, and become of the Popifh Party, having lived, and been brought up in a Land of Vprightnef, (as it is lfa. o6.) and yet will not behold the Majejly of the Lord fi1ining round about them, but relinquifh the Truth they are educated in, and would bring in the Worfhip and DoClrine of the Beafl and Whore, after fo clear a Light and powerful Preaching fo long enjoyed, (towards the latter end of the Harveft, and Summer growing more bright than ever) who yet in Hypocrify deny this to be t\:~tir Aim, and yet their Deeds do fo manifeft it, that all the World ac– counts them Popifh, and to be of his Fal:tion, (and fo they merit the Title of the Number of his Name) being Spirits, fuch as Rome bath not worfe, in Ma– lice and Enmity againfl God's Wirnefles: How a Man's Thoughts (l fay) fhould excule many of thefe as innocent, from prcfumptuous Sins at Jeafl: ; yea, and this great Tranlgreflion alfo; is as hard not to think it, as the Thing it felf is hard to be thought of them.. For _their Venom, Rage, Subtilty, Hypocrify, and under-hand oppofing the Samts, JS wch, as the Godly do almoft generally fufi<{!them'for this Sin. And indeed, what ol'her Principle could all Men fo, c;~r,:_.t wcil be imagined. Their Cafe being in this, worfe than that of the Pha·· rilc.:s; in that they had been brought up in Darknefs and Ignorance of the R.igbteoufnefs of God, and ofthe MelT~ah, when the Miniflry of John and of Chri 'l: c"me upon tbem, calhng on them to acknowledg and embrace Chrift as the i\,cf!iJh; whom being but a Carpenter's Son, they never acknowledged; and yet they finned that Sin, through their fmothering that New Light, (be– caufe their owning him, would have put themfelves out of Credit, and have let up Chrift ). But thefe Men in this our Age have been brought up in the contrary Truth and Light, and have both profefled it, fubfcribed to it, and preached it; and yet they love this darl!.nefs of Popery, and embrace thisCarted Whore, and courting her, would bring her into their Tents in the Face of Moje1, and of the whole Congregation; and they loath the Truth of the Gofpel, and of the Faith they once received, and this, in the face of the clcarcft Sun·flline, and Light (that ever !hone) round about them. One would think God iliould defl:roy them vifibly : but they mufl do one exploit tor him firft ; their Deftiny further is, that they !hould kill the Witnelks for this their fcorching them through the ·powerful Teftimony of the;r Lives and Prophecy; and fo be even with them, and overcome them yet before the fifth Vial comes. And though as yet they have not got a full ViCtory, yet they are now a making War, and !hall prevail,and bani!h aJl,d difperfe them atnong Tonguesand Nations throughout