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ol the R EVELA T 10 N. And then, o. being in like manne~ to; mention the Ctnc J'i ne<-· Days, as the Time of the Holy Wttnefks Prophecy, m order to their l1 , .~-tering.and Oppreffion; h~ inverts the Order, and firfr mentions the f, ~·- n ' their Prophecy, by 1ray ot a contmued Narrauon wtth what went be''""; and then after that, mentions their bfr fcattering as the accomplifll•,;uL cf· n·r their Time. And it was fit that this mention of their wlnlc fime ihocl,l tirft be immediately conne'Cl:ed to the forelaid mention of thetr Encmi-.:'& '". •k! Time, and the Times both of the one and the other 11rfr fet together; f,,. •'nt this latter (erves to explain the former, which dfc were amhiguons 3nr:i Jark, (as I fhall {hew hereafter): And efpecially, becaufe th.:fc Wit'ldfrs 3rC men– tioned as the continual Oppofites [et up againfr thcfe G,ritiles, and "s 1hc r.uin Butt and ObjcCl: qf their Malice. That fame [ xal J ( ve>/ 3 ) [ altd l I ··..:t give Power, is ufed here (as often elfewhere) adver[u" elv, for [i.. :t 1; J< if he had Ctid ; 'Whereas they have 42 Months allo1vcd th~m to tr, .•d dnwn t;;e 'Holy City, (Europe, the chief Scar of Chriflian Profeffion) and tl,,. W::ncifcS ' in the compaG of that Tune, have won a Temple and •n Outw.wl G ·Urt fmm ' them : Yet that this allotted Time of their Reign may rhe-et0re be made good ' nmo them, even to the lafr; they !hall regain that Outward Co:::t of the 'new ereCl:cd Temple feparated from them; But fo as they !hall n,1t fo R.e·afl 'all that while, as to carry it without oppolition ; Tl:tt l wiU give p •r to ~r 'uphold my Two Witnejfos by their Tefrimony, to oppofe them co.ltim ..tll·· '(though in Sack-cloth) that whole Time of 1260 Days, and even at '·'· ' their ]aft treading down the Outward Court, to avenge thcmfelves of rh<. re 'Ge111iles with fire, &c. But yet for all that, thefe Geiztiles lhal! go on, aud 'in the end of thefe their Days prevail yet further; even over, thefe m" Wit– ' neffes alfo; and when they are about to finifh their Teliimouy, !hall kill, and ' defhoy them. So thar, the mention of theirTime, though it comes in a good way off be– fore ; yet is in order to this their lafr killing'; to !hew, (as in Daniel) how it lhould be accomplilh'd. s E c T. I I. The JVleafuring the Temple, and cafting out the Outward Court, Chap. 11, wrf.'I, 2 , ·. SeCl:ion r • .A11 Explication of thu dot;b/e ComputatiOI'l . Of} r26o D ays. 42 Months. L .Ai!d 1vlry they are together here mentio11ed. THefe things thus premifed, I. come to interpret the Contents of this Chap– ter, from ve>J 1, to 1 5· whtch arc reductble to three Heads. · . I r. This double computation of the Times above-mentioned. . o. The Occurrences that were to £1ll out in thofe Times of Antichrift, in the Age jufr before their fatal Period ; unto the accomplifhrneot whereof, thole_ Occurrences do conduce, (which Age, as I take it, is that that we live nowm). 3· What