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ll8 ~ PART 11. ~ v'ln ExPOSITION Sett:. 3· 1J,e Ocwrrences, verf. l)l.· (tJ,e meafuring t]Je Temple, Altar, &c. and the leal!ing cut the Outward Court, and treading dotvn the Holy City) more particularly and fully explained. so then, here are two things to be explained; I. What this Temple and Outward Court are, and what the meajitring of the Temple, &c. and the leaving out, and treading down the Outward Court a11d City. And, o. who thefe WttnejJ:t are, what their Defcription, and what this their lnl:t Killing. For the firl:t; I will make good and el:tablifh what I think to be the true 1lnterpretltion, and then confult thole other falfe Interpretations given of it. Th~ w& It is wonderful to me, to fee how exatl:ly this VtGon, in the whole Series of it, wrttten m reprcfcms the prefent Face, the Atf.1irs, Stirrings, and Alterations now a work– th~Yeart, ing in the Churches of Europe; . the Type and Ami-type fo fully anfwerin<> and 1 35; ' 6 36, fuiting each the other. " 37> G~ 38. For the firl:t; The Holy City here (wherein thefe Gentilet have a Leafe of 42 Months Reign) are thefe Kingdoms of E11rope, which for thefe 1000 Years and upwards, have been the Metropolis and chief Seat of Chril:tian Profeffion, as Jerujidem of old was of the Woriliip of the True God ; which therefore in the following part ofthis Book-Pro.phecy, is made (from the Rife ofthe Beal:t) the only Stage of all, until that New Jerufale!1J and Holy City, which comes from Heaven and fucceeds this ; this being in the mean Time the Old Jemfalem, as that the New. Yet, o. this City (for the puniiliment of tbe World) God permits the Gen~ tilct to tread donon for 42.Months, ( atluding to that Expreffion which Chril:t uftd of the lacking of that 'jerufalem in 'fudea, by the Romans, Luk. 2r. 24.) Now the Beal:t, 'the Pope of RonJe, with his Idolatrous Crew, they are thefc Gent de~; and fo called, becaufe they let up the Image of that Worfhip which was praB:ifed under Heathenifh Rome and GentilijiJJ. So chap. 13. 15· and as the I44oco, the Company of True Worfhippers, are called the Ifrael of God; fo are thefe called the Gentilet; their 1 Religion and Worfhip being (as was f.1id) the Image of the firfl Htathenifh Religion, under the Heathen Empire, the firl:t Beaf\. And this City they were to have Power and Jurifdittion in,till42 Months were fulfilled, as in chap. 13. appears. But, 3· tOI~>Jrds the end of their Time, there begins a great part of this City to f:1ll from them, (though they l:till kept polfeffion of the greatel1 part) and they loft much Ground, and Enclofure and Separation being made from rhem, and within it a Temple built, (namely, Churches feparate from Antichri11,which you heard of in chap. 15.): And further, as that in 'Jerufalem was built on the North fide of that City, l'fol. 48. 2. fo is tpis Temple built in the Northern Parts of Europe; (the City here meant, as was foretold in Jfo. 49· 12. and Dan. 1I. 44·) for in thefe Northern Kingdoms bath been the Reformation of Religion. Unto which Temple ( 4!Y) there hath been an Outward Court laid ofCarnal and Unregenerate Profeffors, who have made the greatel1 !hew in this Building, and took up fo much of the R.oom, that although true Churches and Temp!ts, by reafon of the true Woriliippers among them, have been let up, )Cl they have been defiled with the addition of an Outward Court, into whtch all forts came.