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of the· RE VEL AT I 0 N. 3 --------~-------------------------------- 2. Here are feven Spirits ; that is, variety of the Gifts of the Spirit, which "-A.,.;,, in Heaven do ceafe. . ChaP· T. 3· Here is a Sea of Glafs, for the Priell:S and Worfbippers to 1vafb in; which~ fuppofeth a remainder of defilement, at leaft, of the Feet; asJohn q. Io. 4· The difiinllion of Beafis and Elders in this Company, (namely, Officers and Brethren) which in Heaven ceafeth, argueth it alfo. IV. Of the Church Vniverfol. r. In all Ages : therefore placed at the beginning here, and often brought in in this Prophecy, as Spectators. 2. In all Places: So Chap. 5· 9· redeemed out of every Kindred, Tongue, and ;J(atiOIJ. V. This ChurchVnivcrfol, reprelented whiill on Earth, as cart into the Pattern of a Ch11rch, infiituted according to the Rules ofthe Word, the mea!l1re tO !quare Churches on Earth by; and though in all Ages they k~pt not that Pattern, (therefore, Chap. n .. I: J•hn is bidden to '!teafttre_the Te:'tple of that Age,as having fwerved from the Or~gmal Form too far, m Anttchnrt s Apofiacy) yet fuch a Pattern is giyen forth here, as the only true Pattern, into which all fbould be cart ; and God fets forth his Church as it fbould be in all Ages, and as it was in John's Time: All Saints, in all Ages, !bould be cart into fuch Companies. So that here is the Church with her Appurtenances, The Church confifting of Three St:ites : .I. Chrirt the Head. 2. The four Beafis, the Officers. , 3· The 24 Elders, who are the Brethren. . . . There are the Appurtenances alfo ; as the feven Lamps, which are the Gifts of the Holy Gho!t ; and the Laver, which is Chrill's Blood, to wafb in, &c. . Firrt; Verf. 2,3. I fow a Throne,] whiCh is an Allufion to the Holy ofHoiies Verj 2 , 3 , m the Temple, where God did fit. Therefore, lfo. 6. r. when the Lord was prefented fitting upon his Throne, it is faid, tbe rifdue of his Train jiUed the Temple; that is, thofe other parts of the Temple, the Throne being the Holy of Holies. Therefore, Eul{, 43· when the Glory ofGod returned to the Temple, vcrf4, S· God calls it, (verf.7.) the place of my Throne, and the place of the folet of my Feet, where1_i,jQweU in the midjt of the Children of lfrael for ever. The like you have Jer. 17. I?. WhiCh Tlll'OlleTs here in the midfr of the 24 EIders, and the Bearts;·fignifying, (as ~imfelf interpr~ts it, Ez.ek, 43.) his dwelling in the midft of his Church ; accordmg to that faymg of Chrill, I will be in the midfl among you. To fet up a Church, is to fet up God and Chrill a Throne : A Church is hisObfcrvah only vifihle Throne on Earth, till the Kmgdoms of the World become h1s, vifibly. Now, fecondly, for himwho fttteth on the Throne : Mr. 'Brightnran t>.·ould have GQd in the Trinity (or the Three Perfons) fet forth in thofe three Colours mentioned. But to make the Rain-bow, which en~ompa!feth the Throne, to be the Holy Ghort, when as that Rain-bow is prefented as divided, and diflinCl:from him who fitteth on the Throne, is nimis duntm, it is too much. I take it, it is God in Chrirt, in whom he is reconciled unto his Church, and by whom he ruleS it, Chap, 3· 1 5· and Chap. 12. it is calied the Throne of G 0 d. And Ezek, 1. 26. (in which Chapter the fame kind of Vifion is reprefentei:l ) ; He who fits an the Throne there, is the Son of Matt ,. As alfo in lfo. 6. i. whl~h place Chrilt in the I 2th of John interprets of himfel£ So that God, confidered as in Chi'ifl, is he that fitteth on the Throne. And, Chap. 7· 10. He that fitteth on the Thronel and the Lamb, are made diftinll, yet mentioned together. Verf. 3· For the Rain-bow that WM round about the Throne, it noteS out the Verf 3• B • memorial