Goodwin - BX9315 G6 v2

qo Jn ExPOSITION ~ r. It were flrange, that in a Compendium, one particular Palfage (of the PART ll. killing of the Witneffes) fhould be infifled upon more largely than all the refl, LFV'-J and take up the half of that Difcourfe,as from verf 7· to 14, this dmh; and that fuch a Palfage or Occurrence as this, that is not mentioned in the large Prophe– cy that follows (whereofthis fhould be the Compendium and Argument) fhould yet come in here by it fdf; would it not rather argue, that the Angel here did chieAy intend to give Come fpeciul Occurrence, whtch n1ould go before the fe– venth Trumpet in the Church of the Age that preceded it, as a fign of its ap– proach? 2. It is true indeed, that one end of this Angel's coming down, was ton1ew, what was the Time and Period of the fourth Monarchy, under that lafl Head the Pope, whofe Time and Continuance Daniel had mentioned but indefinitely. But yet, his purpofe was to make mentton (and but a mentton) of no ·more Times than fimply thofe 1260 Years of the lafl Head; whtch were enough to interpret Daniel, (which was his (cope) and not explicitly to afcend to the whole Time of the Revelatzon. And then, hts annexmg to that Computation fuch Occurrences belonging to the Book-Prophecy, as fhould fall out at the ending of that Time ; and his fubjoining the expiring of the fixth Trumpet (which belongs to the Seal-Prophecy, tt bewg the palling away of the Second Wo) verf 14. prefently upon the ending of thefe Occurrences; this ferveth fufficiemly enough to !hew the Connexion of all Times in both Prophecies, and more clearly than that other way of Mr. Medc's. There is but one Objellion, both againfl this way of mine, and that makes roof\ for that Opinion of his, that I know of; and that is, that chap. ro. John eating a little Book, which contains a New Prophecy, (and therefore, verf I 2. he f.1ys, he mufl propheCy again); hence therefore it follows, that the Seal– Prophecy mufl be il1ppofed ended; and fo, this IIIh Chapter to contain a New Prophecy from the beginning. To which I Anfwer; That the Angel's coming down now towards the end of the Old Prophecy, had a double (cope; the one to give a New Prophecy, the other to give an exact computation of the Times of both Prophecies, himfelf as yet flanding in the end of th<Jfe Times of the one Prophecy, and being !hortly to enter into the other; and fo withal intending to give a fignal of the ending of thole Times for the Church's warning. Which Occurrences that were to be the Signs, becaufe they were Paffages belonging to the Book-Prophecy, as be– ing the Fates of the Reformed Churches in the Days bef<>re the Pope's Ruin, (which are Matters belonging to the Book-Prophecy ) hence it is neceff.1ry, that Jol!lt fhould now fir(! eat that little Book, (the Story of which was entirely to begin at the r 211! Chapter) that fo thereby he might be, as it were, enabled to conceive of thefe Pafiages related, chap. r 1. they being fuch as belonged to that Book-Prophecy. For John had not yet feen the Beafl afcending out of the bot– tomlefs Pit, who is mentioned, verf 7. nor heard of the Wirnelfes and their Vials; but by eating that little Book, now wasfignified to him, that therein was contained the Vifion of thefe things, which thefe Palfagcs here related did concern. And be!idesthis, there was likewifc fignified unto him thereby, that now in the lafl Days of the fixth Trumpet, the Book was open, (as Daniel fays). But for a more fulL Anfwer to be added to thefe, 'take in that fifth Precoa– pition, or premifed Con!ideration, which i~ the beginning of this Expofition ~f Ch"P· r x. I laid down afore-hand, tending to the opening of it. I might do the like by the Interpretations of Mr. Brightman, and Mr. Forbe;; who though they make the to fignify and reprefent the Godlies diC– cerning the difference between the Temple, the True Church, and the 011tward Co11rt, the Popin1 ancl Falfe Church, (in thefe latter days of the firfl Reforma– tion); Yet fo, as they make the 011tward Co11rt here, to be the Outward Face of rlie Popin1 Church, the Seat and Name of. which they poffeffed; and the Temple to be the Church of God in all Ages hid under Popery, (as the Temple was, within the Outward Court) and for many Ages not difcern'd ; whilfl the Popi!h