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;;:.... 138 ~ pART II. ~ rvfn ExPOSITION s E c T. I I I. The AEls of the Witnejfes i11 tl>ir their !aft Age of l'rop/,ecy. And firft, their Devouring with Fire, \ wrf. 5.) What ? The A!lrifion thereof tmto Mo[es bir deflroying Nadab and Corah's [ompauy witb Fire, applied. BUT then, o. in their lafl: days of all, towards the Time of this New Rcfur· mation of the Temple, and afore this their killing to come, rhey pour out the fourth Vial in ji:orching and devouring their Eucmies with Fire, as vcrf 5· fhews us. Even as Mofes and Am·on, v. hen the Church was come out of Eg;pt, and in the Wildernefs, devoured NJdab with Fire, Levit. 10. I, 2. and 2 50 Princes in the Rebellion of Corah, Numb. 16. 35· And this devouring Fr.e– mies with Fire, holds not only of thofe that profefs Popery, but of ,my M., that fbaU hurt them, (though living amongthem) as you have i~verf 5· Now obferve how this Type agrees with the Face of Things in this latter Age: For, as when this fell out, Mofes had then brought the People out of Egypt, and had long afore begun to ftt up the Tabernacle,and other Ordinances of Worfhip. So when £1lls out the Rebelhon of thefc Men here devoured with Fire? It is after the Church is come Ol]t of that Spiritual Egypt where thtfe for– mer Plagues were executed, and after that Publick Worfi1ip is eretl:td, and let up, according to God's appointment in many things ; that is, after the firfl: great Reformation made by Luther, &c. But here is a. Company of Rcbds that rife up againll Mofcs for his endeavouring to keep to the Word in his Temple's Frame and Fabrick, and for his calling for thisat the Builder's Hands. Obferve the Q))arrel of both thofe Companies then, and of thefe now. The firfl: Quarrel then was about introducing Humane Inventions in God's Worfi1ip, which himfef commanded not. The Second was, not only a renewing and continuing that Q))arrel ; but fur· ther, to take away all difiincrion of Perfons in Worfi1ipping. For the Firfl:; Nadab and .Abihu, they offer jlrange Fire, (namely, the com– mon culinary Fire, which in God's Worfhip was jlr.mge Fire) before tf.e Lord; which God commanded them not : For by his Command, on!y Fire from the Altar fhould have been offered, which originally came down from Heaven. And fo, the Sin for which they were devoured with Fire, it was a Tranfgreflion in bringing in, or continuing to ufe luch Humane lnvenrionst! Worfhip as God had not commanded, and a jufiifying fuch to be warrantable. And, 2. that other Company that clave· to (orab, their Sin was, as their Of– fering Incenfe, not being true Priells; fo their quarrelling Mofes and A.~ro1t for putting fuch a difference between the People, as making tome to be Pridls, (of the Tribe of Levi) and others not : Whenas ( f.1y they) all tle People are Ho– ly; and therefore Je ta~ too mucb upon J"' Je Som of Levi, &c. ft.ting every one throughout the whole Congregation is Holy, and fo is as fit to worfhip and draw near to God as you ; Wherefore tbw lift yo11 up ;our Jelves above the Con– gregation of the Lord ? (who they thought were God's People, and whom he had ehofen to draw near unto him). ·This was the Q,tarrel, as Mofes fiatcs it, verf 5· and unto this Sin they added Rebellion, verf q. Now what has been the Q))arrel, that in Enghmd (which I infiance mofl: in, as being belt known to us) and in fame other Reformed Churches, which bath fince the lirfl: Reformation been continued (of the latter days of which Times, this is efpecially here underfl:ood, for 'tis the fourth Vial) but about Humane Inventions? which are as that jlrange Fire then, which God commanded not; which yet are introduced and continued in Worfi1ip, and by the mofl:, jullified againfl: the few Witndlcs, the Pleaders for the Commands of God, to be the only Rule of Worfhip. And again, 2. for that other, the putting fltch a difference between Men and Men, by the fai hful Witnefles and Prophets, between the Holy and the Pro– phane;