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of the RE VEL A T I 0 N. been,) but by thcSpirit, cauling the Hearts ofthe Godly to fall to it.. And that~~ Samarit1111 Mountam ofOppoliuon, .even Rome lt felf, that bath flood m the way~ ofit, !hall in the End become a Plam before 1t ; as there (Zech. 4, 5, 6.) that Sanuritan Faction did beforeZembbabel. And out ofthis Temple are the Vials to come, and to pour out their Plagues upon this f.1lre Church: (as you may read chap. I6. r.) So that the True Cqurch is flill ordained to be the ruin of the Falfe. And 1vhen that which is more perfe/J conm, that whkh is imperfeCI wiU be done away. And howevtr the beginning of this Work may feem [mall and contemptible; yet the Work it ftlfis of(uch moment and concernment for God and his Glory, and !hall to fi1r go on and profper, as he is pleated in this Book to take notice of it, as ofany further progrefs of his Church unto Purity, he flill cloth, (as in the 14thChapter we have teen.) And yet I fear thele Olive Trees and Candle– flicks among us, \\ill (as the refl ofthe Churches in Europe) have their Power ji:11ttered, ere this Building be fully fini!h'd. But after this, they !hall revive again, andgrow up into"" Holy Temple unto the Lord, from tne Times of the Wit– ndfes riling, after thm-bcmg ktlled, unttl the New Jemfo!etJJ, as Chap. I 9· will !hew. Now to make the Allufion tothe Condition of J of/ma more full, I will only add this: That as thefe Witneiles are here prefented in Sack._-cloth, Co is Jof/ma there, in jiltby Apparel, Zech. 3· 4- And as there he had change of Raiment given him, to after a few Years wtll thele W1tneiles alto have the G11rments of Praiji: for the Spirit ofheavinefl (as Jfliah (peaks): and their Teflimony being ended, they !hall put off their S,tckc/oth, and put onftne Linnm, the Wedding Apparel ofthe Lamb's Bride : as Chap. 1 9· you have it. And loin the end, the Glory of this Templc,let up after Antichrifl's demoli!hment, will yet be rendred more glorious (as that ofZerubbdbrJ's alfo was) by Chrifl's coming into it. And an Holy of Holies !hall be·addccl unto it, (or rather {wallow this up) in which the Ark.._ foal! be ftw (as it is in the lafl Verle ofthis IIth Chapter): But thefe Witneffes muft he fJUed firfl; (which is thelafl thing I am to {peak of in thisChapter.) ~HA P,