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of the REVELATION. 149 Now as there is this other Computation of the Pope's Times, (beginning and ~ ending) which £11ls out in this Century of Years now running on : So al(o in Chap. 1-. this fame Century fince the Year r6oo, there bath anfwerably been begun ano- ~ ther, or fecond meafuring the Temple, as bein~ to precede the expiration of this other Computation of the Witneiles prophefymg, whtch IS yet to come. And in like manner alfo there will follow another great and emment Oaughter of the Witndfes, and prevailing of the Beaft over them, before this fecond Computation of his and their Time be ended; that is, before r666. Sli. c T. II. 1/,e Ai!t~fion tmto Cf,rifl's /aft Paffion, in tbis !aft Jlarlf,/,ter of tbe Wit" nejfes, explained. THus much in General, for the Time of the Witneffes killing. Now, 2. to come to the Thing it (elf. For the undcrftanding of which, 01all alfo in the general premile this: That this their ]aft Killing, R1(ing, &c. is reprelented in an Allufion unto rhe Story of Chrifl's own Crucifying and Rifing again. Which makes this the moO remarkable of all former Sutferings, in that it is in an exafr conformity to hi.< Deatb,and to the CircumOances of it. In all other Pa!fages of this Book, the Allufions are ftill to Stories of theOld Teflament: But this (in a manner abne) alludes to that great and eminent Story of Chrift's Paffion and Refurrefrion, which are the Cemer of all, both in the Old and New Teftament. And whereas all other Stories in the Old, are but T ypes of the Sufferings, and Refurrection of Chrif'r; Here thole Sufferings, and that Refurrefrion of his, are made the Pattern of thefc of the Witnefles; and that, not in refpefr of that general, com– monCoPjJrmity that is in all the S11/firings of • ll the Saints ((or Chrifl: and his Gofpel) unto thole of Cl.rijf, (as 'P<~ulfpeaks, Phi/. 3· ro. and therefore calls them the afterjitjfi'ringt of t/;e Body of Cl.rift, Col. 1. 24.) but this here i> made fuch in fame peculiar eminency ond trdnfeendency, above all Sufferings that have been formerly in any Age: AnJ it bttng the !aft, it is in a lingular manner fi:t forth unto us thereby. >Vhich may at once both provoke us to prepare for it, as Chrift did, when he knew what he fbould fuffcr; and alfo comfort us againf'r it, as being therein in a peculiar manner to be made conformable unto Chriil : which will draw on with it, a peculiar conformity alfo in reigning with him in Glory. Now that the Allufion here, is indeed unto the lafl: Sufferings of Chrift, &c. isacknowledged and oblerved by all Interpreter<. And it appears in every Cir– cum(bnce here rebted. As for Example, in that, as he, after three Years and an halfs Preaching upon Earth, once finifb'd (when that he had almofl: carried it in the Peoples Hearts, the World going after him) was yet in the end prevailed upon by his Enemies, and put todMh by the Forreign Power of the City of Rome, having then Ju– nldH~hon over ']erufzletil, and for three D"p did lie in their Power : So in like manner that thefe Witneffcs, afrer three Ye"" tmcl ""half (for that is the cxafr Compute of 1260 Ddy•, or 42 Months) prophejjing well-nigh expired; and now when they arc about even to finifb it, (having fo mightily prevailed in the Peoples Hearts, that their 'Ph<~rifean Enemies are afraid of utterly lo!Jng their Credit and Authority) that then thefe 'Pharifeu again acknowledging the For– reign,Power of Rome, !l10uld prevail over thefe Witneffes, and that fo f.1r, as. by, and under the Authority and Jurildifrion of the Beaft, and for his fake, fbould now at ]aft k,j/1 them, and have them in their Power for three YMn and an h,lf (which do bear a like proportion to thole r26o Ye.trt, or Days, fore– pafl<:d, that Chrif\'s tl.rec D'IJ' did to his three Yean fore-pa!fed) ; their Enemies alfo