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of the REV E LA T I 0 N. fl1>1l again recover, fo much owning and acknowledgment in the Places of the ~ Rdi.mimion, (whether by fecret combination, or by profdled avouchmmt, ~ God only knows); where the Wttnefles are to _be killed; fo as, for Ius Sake, and at his lnfligation, thele PharifecJ, either as JOining wtth htm, or elle ufing the hdp of his Patty, !hall kill them. And fo far mu(t the Beafl have a hand in it; that he may truly be C1id to do it; and that, in order to the further advancement of his Power in thole Places. And therefore, 3· The Place where their dead Bodies ate f:tid to lie, is fuid to be n-1\ocnioc mll\ws 'Tii; fM)d.l\.,, The Street (the extention of the Juri[diCl:ion) of the great City; as being within the JurifJiClion or Walls ofit (as it were). You he>rd before, how that the GentiieJ were to regain the Outward Court, and fo it ro become part ofthe City again, and within the extent ofits JurildiCl:ion. So that, howe,·cr the Witneffes have had Enemies from among themlelves,whd have been (as thofe'PharifeeJ were to Chrifl) ofthe fame N.rion and Religion, and yet have perlecuted them fi·om the firlt, even from the Times of the firfr R.?– fiJrmation downward (and therefore it hath been, that the Ctithful Witnefles have continued to prophety in Sackcloth, and Mourning, even now in their lafl: D.t)'s, when yet a Separation bath been mado from Antichrifl, becaufe thole a– mong them frill continued to oppre!S them): Yet none of all thole Wars and Prevailings again!! them all that while, by thole oftheir own, are this fame War and kjUing ofthem here fo eminently let out: For this mufl be by the ilea!l:, even bJ their Enemies combining with the Papi!l:s, or ufing the help of the Beafr; to join with them again(! the Wimefles; or (it may be) beginning again to fubmit to the Beafl,in a more open and avowed manner (as thole PhanfeeJ did to C£for): And ((,,for his Sake, and to advance his Power, !hall they kill thole Witnelfes,who indeed ore only and alone, the greatefl: and mofr hearty withfranders of him, and th.1t will frand it our again(! him. Or i(wben this is done, they do not to openly avow the Beafl's Power; yet it may beGid tobe done by the Bca!l:, ifbya Party or Combination ofMen that are for him, though not profdledly, yet who in order , to reduce }'is Power into thole Churches, do raife this War againfr the Witnelfes and opprcls them. And that which may give Sufpition of this, is, becaufc (as I !hewed out ofCh•p. q.) there is a Generation ofMen fet forth as the Bea!l:'s Jafl: Champions, who yet fhould not (at leafr at the firlt) lo openly own his Name or CharaCl:er, that yet receive the N11mber ofhi< Name. And thele are there rcckon– td his os truly as the other, as being they who !hould imerdiCl: buying and felling to the Bea!l:·s oppofitcs, in order unto his Advancement. And they doing this in order unto the Bea(l and for him, the Bea(l therefore, and his Power may be !itid to do it. But! fear that they fhall proceed )~et fimher, even to an open acknowlcdg· ment and profeffing the Pope's Power, tthough perhaps not as inf.1llible Head ot' the Church, yet as Univerlal Patriarch of the Wefr) and fo endeavouring to ef– feCl:an Union and Reconciliation with him. For thefe Men (as was laid) are td bring in but an Image ofPopety (as it was of Heathenilm) efpecially at fir(!, though with intent to introduce more. And with this cloth that Speech of the Angel, in his Oath, in Daw. 12. 7· accord (which, as I laid, this Angel here came to renew and interpret); That when He (namely this Bea!l:) JbaU bave ac• complijlid (n.1mely with this lafr killing) to flatter the Power ofthe Holy People, &c. That which l here cite this for, is, that it mufr be he, and his Power that mufl: do it. And in that the GentileJ are here faid to obtain the 011tward Co11rt, ver. 1. !o as to tread it down with the refr of the Holy City; this would argue a prevail· mg ofthem, lo far as to gain a (ubjection from carnal Protefranrs, b_,y reai<m of which it fhall be? that even the Bea!l:sPower as entertained, and owned by the mofr, may be fatd to kill them. And likewife the Allufion here to Chrifr's Suf.. fcring, by the Power that then Rome had in JerufaieiJJ, the Holy City, would argue this alto: Tliat even as then, a· Governor, or Prefldent, from 'J.?...ome, (namely Pi/at) lay at Jemfalem, and was in the Name and Power of 'JVme, the Author of Chri(l's Crucifying ; Co, at leaO:, that Rome lhould now in ltke man• ner have her Legats, that fuould have power, in thefe places, to procure the DepoGtion and Death of there Wimeiles. That fo, as God ordained Jmifa. letil the City where Chrifr was Crudfied (unto which the Allufion here,is made) to.