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of the REV EL A T I 0 N. , 1 53 the whole Roman Party univerf.1lly rejoice, and find Gifu one to another to con-~~ gratulate this Vtcrory ? Thefe three Days therefore and an half, m whtch ~ they are ro lie dead, are fuch as thofe.I o6o D jys ( formerly mentioned ) were; even Propherical Days, taken accordmg to the Sttle of the Prophets, namely, D .')' for Yw ·s. And fucb a three Years and an half had J emfo!em the Holy Ciry under Antioch~~<l when the Temple was polluted, and the datfy Sacriftce ( God's true Worl11ip) taken away, and Heathenifh Idolatry ( which there, and llill cirewhere, in l),miel, is called, The A bomim1tion that makfth defolate) fet up : And when thole that were the moft eminent for Godlinef., did fall by the Sword, and by Captivity (as you have it, D.m. I I. 3I, 32, 33, & c.) for many Days. But the b ft f>ertccution of his Reign, was for three Years and an half, as in the 1jl of Machab, L from verf 30, to chap, 6. you have it recorded, But in the I v h Chapter of Daniel, where this Antioch~H is prophefied of, he is in this made the Type of Antichrift; and therefore after that the Prophet had thus l~t forth and ended that his Tyr•nny, at verf 35 of that Chapter, he begins, verf 36, to ftt out the Pope and his T yranny unto the end of the Chapter : So palling fi-om the Type to the Anti-Type, even as Chrift cloth, in the 24th of M.dth~tv, from the Story of the de!lrucrion of J em.folem, to that of the end of the World, becaule that was a Type of it. And therefore it is, tlJJt D ,miel ufcth this Tranfition, verf 35· of that I Ith Chapter, when he had ended Antiochu•'s Story, That there remains yet a Time ordained, ( lo Gra[erfl1 and others n:ad it) ; that is, yet another Series of the Fates to be related, whereof this was the Type : and fo he paffeth on to delcribe Antichri!l: (who is that King mentioned verf 'l6.) .unto the end of that Chapter; whofe Ruin and End, he (oys, 010uld be, after ill Tidings to him out ofthe N orth (that is, the Reformation of Religion in thele Northern Countries) had fo enraged hirn, as to can!e him to go f orth in [11ry, at hi< !aft endeavouring utterly to root o11t, &c. And in which Expedition he fhould fo fJr prevail, as to pldnt hi< Y,,~ bermcle on the glorio:H Holy M ountain ; that is, to over-run the Church, Which indeed, I take to be all one with this !aft War, and killing the Wirneffes here ( for it is there ju!l: afore his end too ) for three Years and an half; whereof that !all: prevailing over the Jews by A ntiochJH, was the Type. And fuch alike time (as l f.1id before) had the 'Pharifeu over Chrift, even three Days; which Chrift calls the Hour of D arkpefs ; even as this is thought to be that Ho11r of Temptation to come over the whole Chri!l:ian World, Rev, 3· IQ, The Enemies indeed think to have the Day of it, but they fuall have only the Ho11r of it: This great and fearful Eclipfe, in the fulneG of it, fuallla!l: no longer l this is their H flur. And luch a like fpoce of Time is ufed in Scripture, to cxprefs a fuort Time i as Roft'' 6. 2, Afler two D,l)'S he will revive IH, a11d iu the tl.ird D,lJ ra!fe ul up, &c, Again, luch a like Time had ']11/im ovenhe Church, when he hod again fet up Hcatltenilm, Some f.1y his Reign was three Years long (though others fay ltfS). And lo hath God ordered it, (for the like Holy Ends) that as Hea:– thenifm had o prevailing again in the World, (before it was utterly extirpated) For that fmall Time in ]11/ian's Reign, (and this, even after that Chri!l:ianity had been let np forty Years before, by the Imperial Power of Conjlanline ) : So that Popery (the Image of it) fhould in like manner expire, and after a glorious Reformation made by Kingly Power, and ca!l:ing out of Popery in many States, _ that lt !hould yet have a prevailing over thofe Churches, or the eminentefi of them once again, before its final and utter extirpation. SlicT,