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of the REVELATION. of Mw dead) the Holy Ghofl: exprefll:th their fe_ekinR a place of Reft, by their~ being put i11to Gr.roes: So, pailively expreiling_ It: For how elle ( fpeokin9 of~ them under the Notton of dead Men) could It be expreft? lt ts but .,., ,.~,711, Figura: ; the Decorum of following the Metaphor taken up,_ requir'd this, and no ether kind of Expreilion, The hke unto whtcb, IS u(ual m Scnpture Phrale, and in all other Languages, Which putti11g the Wttneifes _i11to Graves (in this Jcn{e taken) thc(e their Friends lliall yet :10t jitjftr or permtt. . And rhus, as it may be mentioned, to note out the mhumamty andcowardifc of <heir Friends; ((, withal, the great miiery and delperate calamity of the Church in this their !aft bewg lubdued ; which will prove worle than ever any before it, in that now they fuall have no Santluory, no fafe retiring Place to refl: in throughout all Europe ; which fuall in this relpetl univerf.1lly become the ]Hrijdi£1iO>T ofthe Great City, (lo lome interpret that word [ ;rl\ocnloc J Street), It (hall not now be, as at other times it bath been, that whm they were pcrjem:ed in one C11J•, they might flee to ,mother, and there have quiet and fafety. But the Jurifdicrion of the Popilli fuall fo f.1r now ~revail in Proteflanr States, (if any fuch remain) as they (hall not dare to recetve and prot<Cl the oppreifcd vVitnefles, feeking a refuge and a harbour amongft them, but !hall rather pro– hibit them [o doing. Which in this Alluflon is lpoken, in oppouiion unto that Humanity and Charity in 'Jofeph of AriiJI<lthca, who hononrably laid Chrill's Body in a Grave, when yet he had not power to hinder his ~rucifying, . And rhat even the Proteflant Party may turn thus mhumane towards the WitoeiTes, the unfaithful carriage of many Proteflant States towards their Neighbours and Brethren, now whilft this War is but begun againft the Witneiles, may give us caule to fear and lulpeC\, . . How bath-the Lutheran Party tn Germany, comphed and took part With the Popi!h for the ruin of the Calvinij1s? And it were happy for other States, pro– fefling the Calvin Religion, if they could wafl1 their bands of the Blood of the Churches, not only not ailifl:ed, but even betraied by them, Thus I have propoled another different Interpretation from that formerly gi– ven, by way of mitigation of this Extremity; yet leaving both it and the other unto the Event to determine, and to the Reader to judge o£ SECT. VII. Of the Uniwrjality of tl>ir S/au~hter. Whether reaching to all [lmrcbes li?!-' formed, aml in them. to ail 'P··ofiffirs, or only ro emi>Jmt WitnejJes. 77 1 at Jome one may be more eminently dejtgned. Wbat ir meant by the Street of the City, &c. ~ 1 He next Q!eery may be concerning the Generality or UniverC1lity c,f the ex– tent of this Sl.Jughter; . How far it may reach. As, L Whether to all lorts of Profeflors of R.digion, or whetherto eminent Per· fons in the Church only, Now for that; lt may leem principally to be of Witneffos; that is, thole that arc eminently luch. It is probable, that the purefl: and befl: Profdiors wtll be fingled out to a Duel or !ingle Combat, as it were, The Gentiles before this, had the Ourward Court of Carnal Profeifors more ea!ily given up unto them; but among thtfe truly Godly Onts, they find ferious and fliff Oppolcrs, that Will never be brought to yield unto them. And this the Popi01 Party thtm– felves do both fee and find ; namely, that the Godly of the Protefl:ams are their only real Enemies, and thole who fl:Hl put the great Bars and Impeachments to their Plots ; and that are the great Stakes in the Hcdg of the Church, which jla11d in the Gap againfl: their Irruptions, And thele are they, who only by their Lives and Profeilion, do tormmt the ungodly, (as you have it, ve>f 14.) who Y ~ there-