Goodwin - BX9315 G6 v2

of the RE VEL A T I 0 N. 2. For the !aft fore-going Age, Gnce the Times of the Reformation, and for Q;'};~ the prelem one, the Marks of thefe Witneffes defigncd to this Slaughter, and ~ Glory (as in the former part of thiS Chapter you have had them laid forth) appear the livelieft, and (in a manner only) upon them of Gre,ll 'Britah,, For, r. There bath God continued the moft Faithf111, and Called, and Cbofen, (as they are called, ch<~p. 17. 14.) who are of the Lamb's fide, and who are toge– ther with him to overcome the Kings that fhall hate and burn the Whore ; and indeed, more of them that hold forth the Power of Religion with difference fi·om the World,than in all the nine Kingdoms befides. And lurely,where moft of the Wimefles are, there will be their moft eminent Slaughter; and where their greateft Slaughter is,there will be their moft gloriousR.elurrel.tion and Afcenfion. For all thele will ceminly be commenlurated, and proportioned one to the mher; magnitude of Sufferings, to multitude ofWimeffcs; and then greatnefs of Glory, unto the greatnefs of Sufferings. Now that the Saints in thelc King– doms of Great Britain, are like to be the Subjel.ts of that Slaughter, and thole Kingdoms made the Street, or open Market-place thereof, I fbewLd before. 2 . There God bath emincmly llirred up Men's Heansto breath after a further and purer Keformation, and mtafuring of the Temple. And they have been put to contend for it more th.m all the other Churches: and this, more or kfs, ever fince the firft ercl.tion of the Englifh Church at Fr<mchford, in Q)leen 1Hu– r;'s Days. And in the contention about it, and through that bitter Perfecution tor it, they even for this very Caule having prophefied in Sackcloth, m9re ap– parently than others in other Reformed Churches; their Spirits have encrealed, both in Spiritual Light and Holinefs, and in Pral.tical Knowledg in the Ways and Works of Sanl.tification, (by which the Worfhippers are to be mealured); and allo in further and clearer Light, about the Inftitution and true Govern– ment of a Church, (by which the Temple and Altar are to be meafured) more than all the Keformed Churches btlides have done: Who i·1 tl. quiet enjoyment of much of what thcfe contend to have in a further Ptll'ity, have run out almofl into nothing but an 011tward Court of Profeflion, and a meer Form ; there being few Priejls, or true Wor!hippers, that (with dif:crcncc from others) do worfhip God in Power, in Spirit, and in Truth, that are to be found in the l11ner Trmp/, of their Affemblies. And let but the Expofition of the fix firft Verfes of this Chapter be confttlted with, and that lmerpr<.tation given, be but impartially applycd to the Proteftant Profcffors this day in £,. rope; and how eminently, above the reft, will the Condition of the S.tints of Great Britain, and their conflant Conflil.ts with the Beaft and his Abetters, umo this Day, be found to fit the Mealtlfe thereof, and to look more like, and come nearer the Life of that f.tce of Things therein prefented, than any other, or than all other the Reformed European Churches fince that their firft Reformation? And, 3· That Dcfcription of thole who are to be the eminent Oppofites of the Witncffis in thele lafl Days, and the Authors of this their Slaughter, fits thole open and profi:ffed Enemies of them in thofe Kingdoms allo. And there (If any where) arc found thofe that receive the Nimber of the Beajl's :JI(ame, who, notwithftanding hitherto have, and may yet for a while, deny his Ch.J– Ydaer, and difclaim his :Jt(;uHe, Whom fhall we liken this Generation unto? Or, where !hall we find Similitudes that will luit them,ifthole Delcriptions fore– pa{fed In this Chapter lttit them not? Sure, I am, if thele be not they, they are as IJkc as Ovum Ovo. And thele (the Number of hh Name) being the Beaft's Iaft ChampiOns, (as appears out of chap. I 3· r7. and chap. I 5· 2. and are there– fore th<rc mentioned lafl) are to hold up the ]aft great Qlarrel of the Beaft's Caufe, and to fight this la([ Combat with the Witneffes ; and lo, in this ]aft Age to be overcome in open Field by them, as their Predeceffors\fl.Jat had the Mark, and I"ugc of the Beaft, have been overcome by the former Generation of Wit· neffes in dder Times. And, + In which of the Reformed Churches are thefe Names of Men (who arc to be the Killers of the Witnefles, and therefore are Oain in this Earthquake io. their revenge) continued but in thele Kingdoms ? And that in this (other– Wife unu[ed) Ph.rale [by what N1mes or Titles foever diflinguijl/d J I Which Aa N~~