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!0 Jn ExposiTION ~ment, and till afore, when he !ball fee an opportunity to avenge the Enemies to I' A "r I. his Church, when he will appear as an Old Lion, who being roufed, fuddenly L~ leaps on the Prey, <fpecially inthe latter day~, when the gatherings of the People f/!.1!1 be nnto him, as the context ts, then !ball hts Kmg;d?m .be as of a L10n among Beajis, Mich.5.8. where the Prophet fpeaks of Chr~frs Kmgdom and Conquefr in the Calling of the Jews, as he had done of Chnfr s Btrth, verf 2. Now that Kingdom is the fcope of this Book. And in the midfl of the Elders flood a Lamb as it had been jlain, &c.] John had heard of Chrifr as a Lion, but he fees him as a Lam.b. So many a poor Soul is afraid of him, till it comes to fee him, and be acquainted with him. But he in rhe end will be found to be a Lamb, and a Lamb that bath feven Eyes to run to and fro through the Earth for the good of his Saints; and feven Horns, not to hurt them but to defend them, and to butt his and their Enemies. There– fore let not ):our thoughts of Chrill: be all as of a Lion; for though he ·bath the courage and ll:rength of a Lion, yet he hath the meeknefs of a Lamb too, unto you ; who therefore have caufe to wonder at, and pratfe thts mtxture 111 him. Chrifr is called a Lamb, 111 allufion to the Sacnfices of the Old Law, whtch were mofr commonly, of Lambs; two Lambs a day, Numb. 28. 3· Here he was to be reprelented as a Priej1, (ns before, in being called a Lion, he was prefented as a King). And therefore it follows, [as it had been jlai11]. This Lamb ll:ood in the midJ1 of the Throne], nearer than the four Bealls who Crood between the Throne and the Elders ; and this, for that he is the Mediator between his Church and God. As it h"d been Jluit~.J That is; I . As if be were newly Oain, his Blood perpetually remaining fre!b, as if he h"d been Oain but yell:erday, Heb. 9· 2. But [as] Ooin, to [hew, that he cloth not remain Oain and dead, but i• alive. SoCh.,p. 1. 18. I am he th•t liveth and was dead, a~td behold, I am alive for evermore. Stood a Lamb J : Standing, imports a readinefs to afford help. When Stephen died, he G1w Chrifr jlanding at God's right hand, as ready to receive him. It al– fo fhews his rcadinefs to intercede. Havi11g Jcven Horm.J Horns are put for Power widt which to pulh : So (bp. 17. 12. a11d the ten Horm are ten Ki11gs. So by feven Horns here, is meant all Kingly Power. Seven is a number of PerfeCtion; and it !hews that Chrifl: bath power to open the feven Seals. And as there are feven Trumpets, and fe– ven Vials, fo Chrirt bath (even Horns, that is, power to fulfil all thefe. Anti– chrifr rifeth like Chrill:, and comes with Power, Rev. 13. 12. But what difco– 'vers him ! He bath but two Horns ; the Church needs not fear him. The Lamb bath (even Horns to vindicate himfelf of his Enemies. Fear not Kings neither, though they be Ten; Chrill: is King of Kings: And fear not the Devil, who is a >·o.n·ing Lion ; for Chrill: the Lion of the Tribe of 'ft~dah is flronger than he, and will bind him fttre enough for hurting of thee. And fcven Eys; which are the feven Spirits of God fent forth it~to all the E.ll'lh]. The Spirit, not in his Perfonal Subliflence, is here meant, but in his infrrumental working by Gifts and Providence; and fo is called !even Spirits before, in Chap. 4· 5· which (even Spirits before the Throne, are Gifts in the Church which are from Chrill; for he is the Fountain of Spiritual Gifts, and bath the C,'pirit without meafure. But here, by the !even Spirits in Chrifl:, are nor meant Gifts powred out, but Eyes of Providence Cent intj) the Earth, by wh~eh he knows and fees all things; which alludes to that in Zacb. 4· Io. For ~~to l.atb def]>ijid the d,IJ of jim/1 thingI? for they fha/1 rejoice, and jha/1 fie the 1 l11mn>et in thehand of Zerubbabel With thofe feven: they are the Eyes ofthe Lord, rrl"h nm to tmd p-o thro11gh the whole Earth ; and implies the perfeCtion of the Know-