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12 Jn ExPosiTION ~ E;es. And he is faid to have feven Horns, and feven Eyes, to fhew his ,full P" R T I. Power to open the fcven Seals, and to blow the feven Trumpets, and to pour ~ out the feven Vials. He is fueh a Prophet as never was,in that he not only makes a bare revelation of things, but brings them to pals, and makes them good. God gave him the Plat-form of Occurrences to come, and Power and Wifdom to order the accomplifhment of them. He is alfo fet forth, both as a Lamb and a Lion, to !hew his Prief'dy and Kingly Office ; and how, by virtue of both, he makes 111 Kings and Prie{ls, as.they fing, verj 10: and having his Kingdom i<1 their Eye, they are co<1firmed m the Promtfe of 11, by a remembrance of htm as a Lamb, and a Lion, thus f'crong and powerful. As a Lamb, he purchafeth the revelation of what concerns his Church, and as a Lamb, with Eorm and F)es, he effeCts the accomplifhment of it. And the fcope and fum of this Book being, to fhew how Chrif'c rules the World, and his Church, till he bath pm down all Rule, and how he then takes the Kingdom h1mfelf; therefore he ts dtfcribed as a Lamb, in refpeCt of his quiet governing the Affairs of the World, and the Church, until that his Kingdom, which then, as a Lion, by open force he affumcs, and refcues the Church, as a Prey, out of the Enemies Jaws; and that, by the right of a promifed Succeflion from f~tdah and David ; for which caufe, thofe Titles of the Root •f David, and Lion of Judah, do here come in. In a word, fir!f, this Title of his being the Root of David, fhews his right to that Kingdom which he is to receive; of which David, and his Kingdom, was but the Type. 2. His being called aLamb jlain, is to fhew both a Right and Title to that Kingdom, and alfo the price by which be purchafed it, even his o~n Blood. 3· His being a Lion, is to fhew the Power by which he conquers, obtains, and poffeffes it. Therefore this Heavenly Chorus, or Company, here, when they once fee Chri!'r, by takjng the Boo/z, to undertake the accomplifhment of this Prophecy ; the conclufion of which, is his inf'calment into his Kingdom: They, in the Joy and Faith of it, fhout out before-hand, faying, We fba/1 raign on Eurth; as looking on all that was to fore-goe his Kingdom, a<1d to come be– tween this Virion, and his Kingdom to come, all as already done, and having this Kingdom chiefly in their Eye, which fhould come. Now from the 8thVerfe, to the end of the Chapter, is a Doxology, or a giv– ing praife for the Lamb's taking the Book: Which Song con!i!fs of four Parrs, or was flmg by four Comp:mie~ ~ A~~ r. Four and twenty Elders, and four Beaf'cs, (the Church of Men upon Earth) they begin and raife the Song, Verf. 8. And when he had trtf<sn the Boo/z, the four Beafts, and four and twenty Elders, fell down before the Lamb, having eve– ry ONC of them, Harps and Golden Vials foil of Odours, which are the Prayers of SainiJ. 2. The Angels join their Voices, Verf.l I. And I beheld, and I heard the Voice of man; Angels round about the Throne, and the Bea.fts, and the Elders, and the number of them WM ten thoufond times ten thoufand, and thoufands ofthou.fands. 3· The Creatures come in alfo, Verf. 13. And every Creature which is in Hea– ven, and on the Earth, .and under the Earth, andfoch M are in the Sea, and aUthat are in them, heard1, faying, Blefling, Honour, Glory, and Power, be tmto hint thd jitteth on theThrone, and unto the Lamb, for ever and ever. 4· The Beaf'cs clofe all, faying,_ Amen. Verf. 14. And the f01tr Beafls Jaid, Amen. And the four and twenty Elders fell d1JW11 and worfhipped him that /iveth for ever and ever. 0/fervat.x. Obferve in the general, That the Sons of Men are the eminentef'c Praifers of God: They are the Leaders in this Heavenly QI!ire, and they conclude the ~ong. The reafon of which is, in that the highef'c Work th.r God ever did, ts the Work of Redemption, which concerns us, not the Angels, for which notwirhf'canding, the Angels praife him, in Luk., 2. as alfo here·: yea, all the Creaturesrejoice in our Redemption, 17erf. 13. But f'cill we are the Firll-Fruits, we are the Leaders in the Song, whom the Angels follow. It is not faid by Them, ThoH