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rv1n Ex P o s 1 T I o N p~ 2. By the falling of the Star1, a< Fig1 not fully ripe J that is, by a violent ~Wind. Shewing that Mens Heam were not loofened of themfelves to a diflike of that Religion, nor brought fo freely off from it at the firO:; they would have O:uck on O:ill, had not the Wind of Power and Authority !hook them down. 3· By the vanilbing of the whole Heavmof this Worlbip, as a Scrowl folded 11p. The manner of the Jews was to write on Parchment, which from being folded or rolled up, they called Vo/nmen, a Vol11me; and with us Parchment is fi-om thence calledVe/lume to this day. Which Metapor imports; I. 'That as when a Scrowl is folded up, not a Letter of it is to be feen, but immediately upon the rolling up, all do difappear : fo thefe Gods vanifl!d, not any of their Worlbip retain. the fame Name now, that was then ufed; there is not a Tittleof thofe Gods left, they have had no Worfhippers thefe thoufand Years. 2. As a Book or Scrawl folded up is not ufed, fo neither is this Religion. In the fecond place, this Mutation is reprefented unto us, in the Confufion that befel the U pholders of that Ethnick Worlbip, the Atla<'s of thefe Hea– vens that endeavoured to fupport them, and oppofed Conjlantine and other Em– perors in the difcarding of this, and bringing in the ChriO:ian Religion. The Devil goes not out ofa Man poffe!fed, nor out of our Hearts, without Blows, nor till a fironger thao he comes. So neither did he leave that Station of his in the Empire eafily,and without refiO:ance; but egg'd on Kings, namely fome Em– per01·s, and Generals, and the common fort of People. with them, to join toge· rher for the upholding of the Old Religion and Worfhip of his. Thefe the Lamb encounters, and in his Wrath confounds. Now it is obfervable, how John ufuh fume of the very Names which were given the Romani in their feveral Ranks. For here are three feveral Ranks mentioned. I. HigheO: Governors, as Kinp. 2. The middle fort of Men, as the Rich and Strong. 3· The Inferior Multitude of falfe Worfhippers, as Bondmen and Frte. 1. King1; that is, Emperors, for which the Greek Tongue had no word but [ n.X~Aiis J which therefore the Apofiles ufed for [Emperor] fo Teter,– r Pet. 2. 3· and Paul, I Tim. 2. I. Then ~Ai«p)::?<, Captains of Thou&nds. The Roman Legions over whom thefe were Captains, coofiO:ed of 7000. 2. Web Men, and Migbty Men, who made up the middle fort of Men. 3· 'Bondmw and Free, who made U.P the lower and inferior Rank of Men. Thefe were ufual Dil1inctions of Men's Ranks among the RotnanJ. Now their Confu!ion is exprefi; r. By their !hameful overthrow; they fly for fl1ame, and' bide themfelveJ in Dem, a phrafe expreffing fhameful confufion and dilappointment. 2 . Their defpair of help, intimated in that phra1e, [they Jba/1 fay to the Mmm– taim, fdlupon tM, &c.] So Luf« 21. 30. and HoJ Io. 8. where when common Calamities came upon the ten Tribes, and upon the State ofJerofalem, their be- . in~ at their Wits end, in refpeil ofgetting rid out ofthem, is expre!fed by" their c.11ling to t/.c MountdilfJ to cover tbem, and tbe Hi/if to fall upon them; as wi!hing for Death, rather than the prefent Miferies. Not that they !hould ufe thefe very words, but that their State fhould be fuch as fl10uld make them wifh Come fuch thing, or any thing, rather than that Mifery then brought upon them. Thofe of other Nations, who are reduced to Come extream and miferable exigent, are wont to exprefs th"eir Grievance, by wifhing the Earth to fwallow them; but this particular phrafe is peculiar to the Jews, who had a rocky Country, full of Caves, to which they for refuge were wont·to fly, (and therefore it is ufual in Scripture ro fay, Enter into thJ. Roc/z and hidethy felf, as lfa.n.Io.) and being in thofe Caves, their· Fear and D,efpalr did oft-times put them upon wifhing, that thofe Rocks would fall cin th<;_m;.ahd make an end of them. 3· The phralcs import, that all this is done with a fenCe an,d convitlion in the Beans of thefe Enemies of Chrifr, that it was by the Power of GhriO:, whom they