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THE A.R T Q DIVINE MEDITATION. CHAP. I. is not, lfuppofe, a more bold then profitable labonr, after the endevours of fo many contemplative men , to teach the Art of Meditation: An heavenly bulinelfe, as any belongcrh either to man or Chriftian; and fucb as whereby the foule cloth un[peakably b<ndir it felle, For by this doe we ranfack our deep andfalfe hearts, find out our fecr<t e!!Cmies, buckle with them, expellthem, armc our felves againft their re-entrance. By this, we make ufc ofall good meanes , fit our felves to all good dutieS; by weakneffe , obrainc redrelfc, prevent rentarion$, cheer up our temper our occafions ofdelight, getmore light unto our knowledge, moreheattoouraffetlions, morelifetoourdevorion. By this wegrowtobe (as we are) flrangcrs upon earth; and,our ofa right ef\imarion ofall earthly things, into a lweer fruition ofinvifible comforts. By this, we fee ourSaviour with Sttvew, we God as M1{t1, and by this we are ravifhed with blelfed PAul into Paradifc, fee rhar Heaven which we arc loth ro leave, which we cannot urt<r, This alone is the r<mcdy offecurityand worldlineffe, the pa!lime ofSaints, the ladder ofheaven,and in !horr,the beft improvement of Chriftianiry. Learn it who can, and negkd irwho lifl; he 01211 never find joy, neirherin God norin himfclfc, whichdotli not bothknow and pral!life it. And how-ever of old fome hidden Cloyfters have it to themf<lves,and confined it within their Cells, who indeed profcffiog bur conrempbtion, through their immunity from thofc cares which accomlife,might have the bcft ldfure to this buunclft: yet feeing thete is-no up wirhatlion, asnorfomcrimesro haveafreemiod l 2nd there is no mind fo Gmple, as nor to beable both to difcourfc fomewhat and to bet• it fclfe by her fecretthoughrs1 l deem it an envious wrong to conceale that from any, whofc benefit may be univerfall. Thofc tblt have but a fittle frock, badneed to know the beft rules ofthrift, · CHAP. II. Which:ttt: tmivc:rfall thnfiiaos, and. not tobe :appropriated tofomcpro.. fcffio~;~~ •. THe rather, for that whereas om Divine Meditation is nothing elfe bufa bendingofthemiaduponfolllefpiriruallobje<!l, through divers formes of difco,urfe,uorillour thoughrscometoanill'ue: and thill mu~ needS bee d· ' "'""'';,,,;_,, thcr