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Jl8 Holy OJfer'tlati~ns. the infinite mif<ries ofinferiours,it wo~d make them eithermiferable in compafli- A on,orproud in conceit. It is good,fomerimes,for the delicate rich man to looke into the pooremans Cupbord : and feeing God in mercy gives him not to know their forrow by experienc<, to know it yer in fpecularion : This fball reach him more thanks to God, moremercy ro men, more contentment in himfdfe. 18. Such aso mans prayer is for another, it fl•all be in time ofhis extremity for him· fdfe for though he love himfdfe more than others,yet his apprehenfion ofGod is alike for both.Such as hisprayer is in a former extremi{/' fl1all be alfo indeath:this way we may have experience even ofa thing future: I God have been far offfrom rhee in a firofrhine ordinary fi~kneffe ~ feare left bee w•ll not bee ueererthee in rhy bl\: what differs that from this, but mume ~ CorreCt thy dulneffeupon former proofes ; or dfe at bfl thydevotion fball want life before thf body. B -19· Thofe that come to their meatas to amedicine(as Allgt~Jiine reports ofhimfelfe) live inan aultereand Chriflian temper, and fball be fure notto joy too much in the crearure,nor to ahufe themfdves:Thofethatcome to their medicine as to meat,lhall bdure to live miferably and dye foone. To come to meat, ifwithout agluttonous appetite and palate,is allowed to Chriflians: To come to meat as to a facrilic< unto the belley, is a moll bafe and brutifb idolatry. 20. Theworl\ rh~t ever were, even Cain and I•d,a, have had fome Fautors that have honoured them for Saints: and the Serp<nt that beguiled our firfl Parents, bath in that name had divine honour and thanks. Never any man trod fo perillous and deep fleps,but fome have followed,and admired llim.Each!llafler of Herefie hath fuund c fomeclients;even hee,rhat taught all mens opinions were rme. Againe,noman hatb beene fo exquifite,but lome have detracted from him,even in thofequalities,which h~ve feemed moll worthy ofwonder to others. A man fi1all bee fureto beebacked by fome,either ingood or evill,and by fom~ lhouldered inboth.It isgood fora m>n not to fiand upon his Abbetters, but his quarrell,and not to depend upon oth<rs,but h1rnfelfe. "· Wee fee thoufands ofcreatures dye for ourufe, and never doe fo much as pitty them: whydoewethinke much todyeonce for God~Theyarenotours fo much as weare his; nor our pleafure fomuchto us,as his glory to him :their lives :u-e lofi to us, ours but changed to him. ... D Much ornament is no good ur,ne(.ain<ing of the face argues an ill complexionof body,a worfe mind. Tr11th hat 10 ace both honefl and comely, and lookes bell in her owne colours: bur, above all, Divipe Truth is moll faire,and moll fcornerh to borrowpeauty ofmans wit orrongt~e: fl•eloverh to ~o~e forth in her ?ativegrace, hkea pnncely Matron ; and coumSitthegreateflmdignuy, to bee dalhed with as a wanton Strumpet: thee lookes to command reverence,not pleafurc:fbee would bee kneeled ro,notlaughed at. To prankher up in vaine dreffes and fafl1ions, orto fport with her in a Ughtand youthfull manner, ismoftabhorring from her namre : they know her nor,that give herfuch emertainmcnt;and fl1all firfl know hor ann;y,whon they doe know her.Agame,(hewould be plame,but nor bafe,not Ourtifb: e would be clad,not garifi1ly, yet nor in rags: fbe likes as little tobef<routby abafe foile, as ro feem credited with gay colours. It isno fmaUwifdome to know her jufl guife,bm E more to follow it; and fo to keep the meane, tha1 while we pleafe her, we difcoment not the beholders. 23· In worldlycarriage,fo much is aman made of,as he takes upon himfelfe: but fwch is Gods blefling upo true humiliry,rhat it flilkrocureth rev<rence.I never faw Chrifiian leffe honoured for awife negkCl: ofhi)n dfe. Ifour deje4ion proceed from the cOfcience ofonrwant,it is poflible ;ve ll)0 ujd ~as little efleemedofothers,asofour felves: