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Holy Obftnationi. A. bold only inhop;;,and1he prefemfavourofGpdwe pavemany rimes;and [ed;i\(it. I Thr: l\oo1acke finds thebel\ digeJ}ioneven in Oeepe, when we kafr p~rceive it: and whiles wo;~re mol\ a1~akc,rhis po\V<f wor~cth in us either to further 1\rengrh or difeafe, without our knolcdge ofwhat is done within: And on the other fide .\ th'lt man is moO: dangeroufiy lick, in whom.nature decayes without hisfceli?g? wir_hout complaint. To ki\Ow ourfclves·haPRY> 15 gopd: butwoe were to us Chnl\1ans,1f we couldn.Qibe h'lPI?Il•apsi kn6w it nor. 6.7• _ 1 lj . . 'I tii Therpqropontt,th~rever dip fo rnuch mif~hil'fe~o the Cburci),as thofe rh~; haye been excellent inwit and learning.Orhers may be fpightful enough,burwanr power !Q"iCComplifh rh~ir Jllalice.An enemie that lwth bl'th 1\rengrh '!lld craft, iS\vprrhy to befeared.)>IQnepn fin againft the Holy ~hpft,b!lt ti]Ofe lflhi.;h hav~ h~qfqrmer »I illurni~~alipij.'fell!Wtmc wharpar~si! man p~rh, bptwhar grace:honefi lorrillJO~Ifc is bett~phan proph!!Oeeminenc<. •· ,~ ,. 68. The entettainment ofall fpiriruallevenrs mu(t bewith feare, or ho~ ; bL<t, ofall earthly extreJilities, l!)uft be withcontempt orde{ilion. Fonvhar is terribl~!is IYOrtby of rt.Chriftians contempt~ Y{hans plertfanr,to be turned overwith a fcprne. The mcane requires a me~o~ affeCtion betWIXt love and hatred. We may not loyethem, beca11feoftheir vaniry: we may not hate them, becaufeof their necelfary ufe-. It i> an hard dung to he a wife Oaft, and to fit our entertainment to all cornmers: whkh ifit be notdone, the foule isfoone walled, eith~r forwam of cufiomers, or fqr the mif-ruleofillguel\s. 69. ~ God 'in<\.JJl;JJll;JUi\d i.n acontraryorder. Man !aye~ the foundation firfi,then addes the w;~lles1the roofe lafi. God began tpe roofc firfi,fpreading out this vault ofhea- .ven, ·ert he laid theBafe 9fthe !'at< h. Our thoughts muft follow the order ofhis workmanthip. Heaven mufi be<"min}led firft; earth afterward: andfo much.more; 35 ir is'feenempre.•Our mi'ditation muft herein follow our fence: A. few miles give bounds'tp our viewofearth; wh<rea:; we may neere fee halfe the heaven at once.He that thinkesmoft bothofthat which is moll fe;:ne, and of that which is not feene at all, is happieft. 70· I hayoev.rnorod it~ true ligneofafalfe-hearr,To be fcrupnlous and nice in fmall matterp~pegligent in the maine:whetlf~s the good foule is frill curious in fubfianriall poiots;ind notcarelelfein tbingsofan inferiournature; ac(ouming no duty fo fmall £) as to be neglc:Cted,and no care greaten_qu!lh for princ1pall duties,not fo tything Mint and Cummm, that he fllO\lld forget Jl1fhce and Jud~ement; nor yet fo regarding judgernent,;u>d juftice, th:u hee 01oulq contemne Mint and Cummin. He tbat thus milplaces his confcifnce1 will be found dtherhypocriticall or fuperfiitious. ,, 7'· Itargues ~he world full ofA.theifts, that thofe ptfences which moy impeach humane foCletLe, are emertamed With an nnfwerable hatred and ri<>our: thofe which doe immedi'!tely 'vrongthe f"prem<IJlajelhe 0fGod,are turnelover with fcarce fo m11ch asdiflike. lfwcconverfed with God as we doe withmen, his right would be at leaft as preCioustp us as our owno~ • f\11 that converle not with God, are without God : not onely thofe th~t are agamfr God, b~t thofo that arc without God are atheif\s.Vi'e may be too charitable: I fcare nottofay,that thefc our !aft times ~bound 1E with h6ncft A.theil\s. 7•· The_ bell: thing corrupted,is worft: A.n ill man isrhewor!l: of all creatures, ln ill· Chnft1an the worft ofalll'!en, ani.ll profclfour the worfi of :~11 Chnllians,an ill Mimfter the worft ofall pro(clfours. 73· Naturally,lifcis bcfotc dcath;~nd d~ath is only a privation oflifc:Spiritually,it is contrary. A.s P1!'1 f:uth o(the gr:une.fo may w• ofman in tl)e bu.fioelfc ofrrgencraN• tion: