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; )Y,lr"'!.S A .M U! L B.Jl,R T 0 ~·, . ,, ·. .drcbdt~con ofG/aceflt~. , n. '; r·,,· r ,ii~~Ndwi, my PoecrY,1~as i~~g Gc\,Jw.~:cil,!;~t·J~c~,~ .a}ld ~ yeeldc;~ her plac_c rei gravj:r ~udies :..pur whofc :vei,oe ' ,\;-'ctul,4 it no\.rfv'r,91to loo~e .ln~o fhofs bs~venly Songs? I ~~~~MJJ I were '?QC -yv,<mhy t~ be a Divine ' ifit qiol)ld repfnt IIJe I! ip;&~b> Poe~1rit!\'~~~(d. ~ :'~,~Fr J _n,all~~Jl"e_ ageci Jn. ~li~ : 'nr •. . ' ,Pulpi.~ T~is wor_ke IS holy .a~d llnCl, andabtdes nm,any y'l:wt~fu)l'p,r hearhsn,ijb 1\~~riy, 9m regui.r,?sJ?Nlds frcefr<?m pr,op~f[lefs, ibofcndfe, affeCtion:' le is a fervtce to Goo an~ the Church by la IIji-!Ch morucarefully to bee regarded, as it is morecommob. For who is there that will notchallengea part in this labour?Jnd thJtfhall not find much more affeCled wirh holy meafure righrl~ copofed: Wherefore I have oft wondred,how it could be cffenlive to ottr\i'dverfaries,that thefe divine Ditties which the SP.irit9f.God wrote in verfe, fhould bee fung in verfe; and chat an Hebtew l:lbetn Thould bee made Engliil1. For ifrhis kind compolirion had been unfit,Godwould never have made choice ofnumbcrs,whercin to exprcffe himlelfe. Yea,who knows not that fame other Scriptures,which the Spirit bath indited in profc,have yet been happily & with good allowance put into fhict numbcrs?lf hillories tell us of aWanran Poet of<old, l.v'Hich loll his eyes while he wemabout to tume into verfe; yet every lludemknowes wich what good fl1cccffe and commendatiqp N.onnus hath turned lob11S Gofpcl into Greek Heroicks.And Ap. · ,chat learned Syrian marched with 'Bajil and Gre,gory(who lived I in his time)in thecennes ofthis eguality,that 'Bajilr fpeech Was ,u')-•~npo<; ; but AppoOinArier '""fon@', wrote, as SuidM reporcs, lll eh~ Hebrew Scrip- ~ cur~ in Hero;cks, as So:zymen (fomewhat more rcllrainedly) all the Archatology ofrhe lewes,till Sauls govcrnmcm,in z4.parrs; or as SDcratts yet more particularly, all Mofts inHeroicks, and all che other Hiflories in di" / vers metres: but how-ever his other labours lie hid,bis Metaphrafeofthe Pfalrnes is fiill in our hands, with the applaufe ofall che learned : befide~ ,) thc1