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THE PROOEM£. • Erttte i.r not /o)led enough, becmJjcJhee i.r notfecnt_, andVice !ojetbmuch detejlation, becaujeher JJglk nejfe i.r (ecret. [ertain{y, my Lords, there are Jo tlWI.J beauties, andfo m.:nygraces in the face of qoodnejfe_,, that no rye carJ poflib{y fee it UJith~ out 11/eflion, ~ithout ra)lijhment : and tbe vifage of E)li/1 i.r (omonjlroru through loatbjome deformitiu,tbat ifher /o)lermere not igmrant, theyY1ou!d be mad rvilh difdaine andafloni/hment. What needweemore th.:n to dijcowr theft trt>o to the world?'[hi.r Wor{ejh11U/a)le the l11bour of exhorting,anddijfrvajion. J ha'l!c here done it as 'f cculd,fo/lowingthat auient Nfajler of.iV.fora!i~ Th•oph,-,Rm. ty;who thought thi.r the fitteji tM~ for the ninety andnintbyearc ofhi.r age, andthe profitableflmonument th11t he could lea)le for. a fare~"a'e/1 to hiJ qrecians. Loe here thm f/ert11e andFice flript tJa~etl to !heopen view, and dej}oifed,one o.f herrags, the other of her omamcn!J',and1101hingleft them but bareprljerice topleadfor ajjeflion :feenow whether /ha /I findmereJut en. fA nd if flill the vaineminds of lmdw:enjha/Jdote upon their oldmijlrej]e,it l"li/1 appeare to bee, not becaujeJhe u tlotfoule,butfor that they are_, blind, andbew.itched. v.Jnd firfl beholdthegoodly {eawm of VVifdome,an amiable f/ertue, andJ~Jorthy to lead thu Stage: which M (hee extends her Je!Je to a/1 thefoUo'lllingGraces, joa~ mongfl the refi iJ fer her largenejfe mojl conj}ic"OtiJ. ( ~ (