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C. a~ n. 'The gAQt/Magif/rate. A Qratory to plead for. bis'\efpeCl:: .A}l dilige_nce !s but lent to him, ~one loll. His wealth llands- in recetvt!)g,~IS hol)onn givmg: he ~res not enherhow maay hold o his uoodnes er to how few he is beholden:and ifhehave call away favours,he hares eich~r to upbraid them to his en~.q,.to'Ch'l](~~ftdlitucion. None can b~ more pitifu\1 to the dt{\rdfsd, or more prone c_o fuccour; and then mo~, where 1~ le~ll meanes?ro f~liare.,leidbpo1fitlihtrofteqlllrniL He !S equallyaddrefl.:d to warre :i"fi<l peatt1anctllno1...S noc.more howita dolnmand otbers.rhan hovi eo lx his Countries fervanc in borh.1k is mpr~ car.tulht0l;ivetrue.honour eo his Maker ,ehan eo-receive civill ht)nourfrom·ffim.. He knotV>:s t'it hls lfrvicds fi·eeand"noble, and ever loaded with ,fincere glory' ,-~nd howv:iiilqf isto hu~c afc.r appl~ufe from the woi!d, rill he lie furl: ofhimchattmo1detfrhU·he:ms,anlpbwre~h conrernptonPrinces; and £honly, fo~emeanesflimfclfu, •s.ono that account~ the body of:Nobility to con!ifi B inBloud,thefoulemcheemmencoofVercue~ " · ~~~~~!~l~l~~~~~t~~~~~~~~~~~~t~~~~t~~A~~~~~!!~!~~~ Ofthe good Magijl_rate. H E is the faichfull deputy of hisMaker, whofe obedience is the rule whereby bemlech; his bre(l: is the Ocean whereimoall the cares ofprivatemen empty chemfdves~ which as he" receives without complaint and overflowing, fo he fends th<rn forth again by awife conveyance in the /\reams ofjullice:his doores, his ears on: ever open eo futers;nnd notwho comes firllfpeeds well,bucwhofe caufe is bell. His nights,h\s meales are £hort and inrerropted; all whlch he beares well,beC caufe he knowcs himfelfi: made for a publike fervanrofPeace and Juilice. Hee fits quietly or the {\erne,and commands one to the top-faile,another to the main,a third to the plummec,a fourth to the anchor,as he fees the need ofthdrcourfe &weather requires1and doth no leffe by hisrongue,than all the Marriners with their hands. On theBench hee is another from himfdfe at home; now all private refpeets ofbloud, alliance,amity are forgotten; and if his owne Son come under trial!, he knowes him nor: Pity which in all others is wondo be the belt praife of humanity, and the fruit ofChri!Han love, is by him rhrowne over the bar fur corruption: as for Favour,the falfe AdvocateofthegraciouslfJeallows h1in'nocco appearein the Court;there only caufes are heard fpeake,nor perfons: 'Eloquence is then only not difcouraged,when fhe ferve> for a Clienrofrruth < meere narrations are allowed in this Oratory, not Proems,notexcur!ions,noc Gloffes:Truth mull llrip her felfe,and come in naked to D his barre,without falfe bodies,or colors without difguifes:A bribe in his Clofec,or a letter onthe bench,or the whifpering and winks ofa great neighbour, are anfwered with an angry andcouragious repulfe. Difpleafure, Revenge,Recompence,fbnd on both fides the Bench, but hee fcornes cocurne his eye towards them1!ooking onely right forward atEquity,which llands full before him.His femence is ever deliberate and guidedwith ripe wifdome,yerhis hand is flower than his congue1but when he is urged by«ca!ion either to doome, orexecution, he £hewes how much bee hawh metcifull inju{\ice: neither can his refolucion or aCl: be reverfed with partial! importunity. His forehead is rugged and fevere, able eo difcounrenance villany, yet his words aremore awfull than his brow,and his hand than his words.! know not whether hee bemore fear~d orloved, both affeCtions are fo fweetl)' concempered in all heam. The good fcare.him lovingly,che middle fore love him fearefully,and ondy E thewickedman feares him flavi£hly without love. He hares eo pay private wrongs with the :ldvanrag< ~fhis Office;and ifever he be parciall, it is to his enemy.Heis not more rage in hts gown,than vaktrous in amJes,& increaf<th in the rigorofdiftipline, as the time> indangtr.His fword hath neith.r rulted for wane ofufe,nor furfociech of bloud,buc after many threats is un£heathed, as the dreadful! in{\rumenr ofdivine reven~e.He is the Guard ofgood laws,the Refugeofinnocecy,the Comet ofrhegui!- cy,che Pay-ma{\er ofgood deferts,the Championofju{\ice,che Pacronofpe•ce,che Turorofche Church,tbe FatherofhisCounrcy,&asit were another God upoearch. P 3 Of